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CHARACTERS Í Four Corners: History, Land, and People of the Desert Southwest ☆ ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Four Corners: History, Land, and People of the Desert Southwest Author Kenneth A. Brown – In this masterful tour de force of nature writing Kenneth Brown explores one of thVed by the Anasazi from sheer stone cliffs and an ancient midnight Holy Week ceremony is still practiced in a modern Spanish villageProviding a fresh perspective on a region currently enjoying an upwelling of interest Four Corners is a fascinating study of one of the worlds great wonders compelling reading for all science nature anthropology and travel aficionado. Interesting but not the spellbinder I was anticipating Very informative though could use some diagrams along with the text I think

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Oes beyond mere description to give readers a true sense of the land in all its richness Here are rock croppings that are billion years old and broad desert valleys where rivers Corners History Land and People ePUB #182 of lava cooled to form floors of Four Corners PDF solid rock Here ancient hunter gatherers stalked the woolly mammoth four story pueblos were car. As a native of Utah and a student of the geology and natural history of the Colorado Plateau this is without a doubt the best available summary of the fascinating heritage of the Four Corners region I've read the paperback edition from front to back twice and parts of it three times I recently managed to find a copy in hard back in excellent condition that I've added to my collection of keepers and I'll read it again before I make my next trip to southern Utah It astonishes me that I have yet to find this book at any of the national park bookstores This book is very highly recommended for anyone with an interest in or planning to visit the most remarkable region of the continental United States It's a great introduction to so many facets of this awesome area In my opinion it communicates the flavor of the country as well as John Wesley Powell's classic documentary of the first formal exploration of the Colorado River Don't miss this oneMichael Shea MD


Four Corners History Land and People of the Desert SouthwestIn History Land and People Epubthis masterful tour de force of History Land Kindle #207 nature writing Kenneth Brown explores one of the most awe inspiring regions on earth the Four Corners of Colorado Utah Arizona and New Mexico Weaving together its geological ecological and human histories he presents a uniue portrait of this ruggedly beautiful landscape that g. If anyone has been to the Four Corners area particularly the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley you will appreciate the author who takes you well beyond those obviously known pleasures and takes you into remote and attrarctive parts of the large four corners area giving the reader an introduction to geology while explaing in the initial chapyers how the land and continent was formed The books goes on to discuss each area its rock formations including mountains plateaus and valleys and the vegetation that makes each area uniue The author includes interviews with numerous specialists throughout the book along his own personal journey through these ares that he hikes and camps and spends time in some very remote areas His discussion of the people that once lived on the land and the ones that currently do provides a human linkage to present day The mystery of the Anasazi is uite fascinating as these ancient cliff dwellers disappaered around 1400 AD but may have become part of the present day Hopi tribe The description of their cliff like fortess dwellings and the archelogical studies is one of the most interestiung parts of the book Why did they live along a cliffs in large communities and what happened to them The book is not a uick read but one that deserves patience to appreciate the indepth descrptions that Brown provides The only downturn which is very slight is that the author has little tolerance for tourists that in his opinion along with the specialist he meets strongly feel that tourists overwhelm these sensitive sites However for one who loves to travel these wonderful places with great respect for the sensitivity of the environment we must all do our part to try to rein in those few that unfortunatey create a negative impact no matter where they visit or live