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Melting the Earth: The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions Download Ö 109 · [KINDLE] ✽ Melting the Earth: The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions By Haraldur Sigurdsson – From prehistoric times to the fiery destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD and therecent pyrotechnics of MtAnic accretions and the Plutonists who argued for the existence of a molten planetary core and traces how volcanology moved from divine science and armchair geology to empirical field study with the rise of th century naturalism Finally Sigurdsson describes how th and th century research in thermodynamics petrology geochemistry and plate tectonics contribute to the current understanding the Earth The History of PDFEPUB or of volcanic activity Drawing liberally from classical sources and firsthand accounts this chronicle is not only a colorful history of volcanology but an engrossing chapter in the development of scientific thoug. Two of my favorite subjects are history and geology so this was a double treat for me since it's sort of a history of geology Sigurdsson has created a marvelous compendium of sources on the subject of volcanism from mythologies among people native to areas of techtonic activity through Roman authors on the natural sciences to European and American scientists and philosophers into the early 20th Century Probably one of the most significant things I discovered in reading the book was the underlying cause for the distain of the average person for the rational approach of the scientist In laying before me the various theories for the cause of volcanism and earthuakes Sigurdsson indirectly makes it clear that the logical assumptions of men of science can prove to be wrong and the best research for the technology of the time can still lead to erroneous evaluations shaped by preconceived notions of the world whether those concepts are biblicoreligious ideology or a strongly held school of scientific thinking Only by reading the entire book does one realize also indirectly that the scientific method of enuirey is the only way of gaining ground on the principles underlying natural processes While the various authors of different theories may be in part or even entirely wrong it is only through the testing and retesting of theories against the sterling measure of reality that a clearer working model of how nature works will arise What is truely amazing is that so many early thinkers came to have at least a partial understanding of volcanism and of planetary and solar formation in modern terms Also impressive were the novel approaches to experimental geology that were acheived Many of the early investigators were truely creative people Sigurdsson appears to be very well read and his appreciation of the value of the visual documentary record in forms such as pre literate paintings and woodcut and engraved illustrations from rare books is impressive and worthy of an individual trained in historical research rather than in the sciences For anyone with an interest in geology an interest in history or simply someone who appreciates a good job of research this is an excellant volume It would also be a useful starting point for research on most other topics in the history of science as many of the better resources are mentioned in the text and in the bibliographic entries for each chapter at the end of it Some of the latter are in German French or Italian although many are in English translation in Sigurdsson's citing or can be found in English translations elsewhere

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From prehistoric times Earth The Kindle #215 to the fiery destruction of Pompeii in AD and therecent pyrotechnics of Mt St Helens volcanic eruptions have aroused fear inspired myths and religious worship and prompted heated philosophical and scientific debate Melting the Earth chronicles humankind's attempt to understand this terrifying phenomenon and provides a fascinating look at how our conception of volcanoes has changed as knowledge of the earth's internal processes has deepened over the centuries A practicing volcanologist and native Melting the PDFEPUB or of Iceland where volcanoes are freuently active Haraldur Sigurdsson. much headier than your average geology book this one offers sociology ideas of the impact on human life these catastrophes have had The author has an extreme wide and spirited array of facts and cultural views to share alongside the science Fascinating for all

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Melting the Earth The History of Ideas on Volcanic EruptionsConsiders how philosophers and scientists have attempted to answer the uestion Why do volcanoes erupt He takes us through the ideas of the ancient Greeks who proposed that volcanoes resulted from the venting of subterranean winds and the internal combustion theories of Roman times and notes how thinking about volcanoes took a backward symbolic turn with the the Earth The History of PDFEPUB or rise of Christian conceptions of Hell a direction that would not be the Earth The PDFEPUB #195 reversed until the Renaissance He chronicles the th century conflict between the Neptunists who believed that volcanic rocks originated from oce. Good state of conservation and excellent book the time of arrival was ok I'm very satisfied of this aduisition It is a great book and crowded of references and citations of older books very difficult to localize otherwise