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Dvorak to Duke Ellington A Conductor Explores America's Music and Its African American RootsDrawing upon a Duke Ellington PDFEPUB #229 remarkable mix of intensive research and the personal experience of a career devoted to the music about which Dvok so presciently spoke Maurice Peress's lively and convincing narrative treats readers to a rare and delightful glimpse behind the scenes of the burgeoning American school of music and beyond In Dvorak to Duke Ellington Peress begins by recounting the music's formative years Dvork's three year residency as Director of the National Conservatory of Music in New YorkDvorak to PDFEPUBand his students in particular Will Marion Cook and Rubin Goldmark who would in turn become the te Inside stories from a very knowledgable and involved character in the story of 20th Century American music

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Dvorak to Duke Ellington mobi Ç A Conductor Explores America's Music and Its African American Roots read Ø [Reading] ➶ Dvorak to Duke Ellington: A Conductor Explores America's Music and Its African American Roots By Maurice Peress – Dcmdirect.co.uk Drawing upon aOn the Suite from Black Brown and Beige and his opera comiue ueenie Pie conducting the world premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Mass and reconstructing landmark American concerts at which George Antheil's Ballet Mecaniue George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue James Reese Europe's Clef Club the first all black concert at Carnegie to Duke Ellington A Conductor PDF or Hall and Ellington's Black Brown and Beige were first presented Concluding with an astounding look at Ellington and his music Dvork to Duke Ellington offers an engrossing elegant portrait of the Dvork legacy America's music and the inestimable African American influence upon Peress's 'Dvorak to Duke Ellington' is necessary reading for any serious Duke Ellington fan or any student of the lineage of jazzDespite long passages spoken in highly technical musical terminology which will be manna for composers out there Peress brings so many interesting anecdotes to light so many fresh insights into Ellington's working methods to composing laypersons too will gain profound wisdom into the infrastructure that later brought BeBop hardBop Modern R&B Blues and Rock & Roll into realityFor Duke lovers it is heartening to see Peress discover tearfully what we already had known his music is a gift to world history Peress's nuanced details as to how Duke scored his sobering emotional analyses of Black Culture is particularly stunning he having access to rare Ellington family archives and an insiders association with the DukeAnd Duke was a poet literally YESI was completely taken aback at how much is owed to Antonin Dvorak the Czech emigree for shaping the jazz juggernaut or specifically the jazz orchestral juggernaut I am not sure that the limber modern Jazz idiom as we know it or the Gershwin orchestral phenomenon would have garnered legitimacy without Dvorak's extra ordinary cheerleading of our indigenous arts such as Ragtime sharecropper tunes and gospel songs There is an argument intrinsically proffered in the book that Dvorak might have assisted in the abolition of minstrelsy itselfPeress only missed a few related facts For instance he did not cover the Harlem Renaissance leadership and it's muscular shaping of the Jazz and Blues idioms Those gentlemen Dubois etal also marketed the Duke heavily and deserve a mention in this book Peress also did not describe the original etymology of Jazz as being 'Jass' a vulgar term coined by whites for early New Orleans jazz that meant something akin to Sexual Intercourse which I believe should be defined in every sweeping analysis of this artLastly this book reveals the star touched career of the author Maurice Peress as a composer I look forward to collecting Peress's jazz re conditionings as well as Classical recordings on CD and vinyl at the soonest opportunityMichael James HawkSeattle WA USAJuly 3 2007

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Achers of Ellington Gershwin and Copland We follow Dvork to the famed Chicago World's Fair of where he directed a concert of his to Duke Ellington A Conductor PDF or music for Bohemian Honor Day Peress brings to light the little known African American presence at the Fair the piano professors about to be ragtimers and the gifted young artists Paul Dunbar Harry T Burleigh and Cook who gathered at the to Duke Ellington ePUB #180 Haitian Pavilion with its director Frederick Douglass to organize their own gala concert for Colored Persons Day Peress a distinguished conductor is himself a part of this story working with Duke Ellington This book is very well written and insightful I used it on a history project and it was perfect Awesome