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Stockholm: A Cultural History (Cityscapes) Free download ½ 100 Õ [Reading] ➾ Stockholm: A Cultural History (Cityscapes) ➵ Tony Griffiths – Situated on one of the world's most beautiful harbors Stockholm has set the benchmark for civilized urban living since the time of the Vikings ToSituated on one of the world's most beautiful harbors Stockholm has set the benchmark for civilized urban living since the time of the Vikings Tony Griffiths reveals a city of power intrigue and murder of scientists and investors and a sensual city home of. I expected this to be of a coffee table book but it is relatively small I didn't read the description well enough and unimpressive The text is thorough but it is lacking in photographs I wish that it had double the photos even at the expense of the text Our copy cover was blank and looked as if it was missing something If you are looking for something bigger and fantastic look elsewhere We purchased this for 30 and I think the price would have been fair at 20

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Greta Garbo and the smrgsbord Its medieval period saw the Vasa dynasty turn a small town into the capital of a dominant European power and a Stockholm A PDFEPUB or major trading port In the Napoleonic era Stockholm established itself as a center of both tec. An interesting cultural study of Stockholm offering a broad historical perspective of an important but not well known city While the book was engaging and offered considerable detail it seemed a bit cynical at times I felt that this tone detracted a bit from the reading experience NonethelessI'm glad to have read it

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Stockholm A Cultural History CityscapesHnical and social innovation While the city has sufferedthan its fair share of misfortune Stockholm's cultural and commercial elite transformed it into a community which now welcomes innovation and spreads the fruits of its achievements far beyond its borde. My grandfather's name was Carl Gustav Peterson and thanks to him I am one uarter Swedish But I have never been to Sweden which accounts for my reading this book I saw it as a vehicle for a vicarious trip to Sweden or at least to StockholmTony Griffiths is an Aussie who lived in Stockholm for an extended period of time That means that he has a pretty good feel for Stockholm but it also means that the book is geared for readers in the British Commonwealth than to Americans Still STOCKHOLM A CULTURAL HISTORY proved to be an interesting and informative overview of the city and country this American's forebears left 150 years agoExcept for a portion of the Introduction STOCKHOLM is NOT structured as some sort of tour guide around the city Instead in a leisurely and somewhat meandering fashion it provides the social economic cultural and historical background for life in Stockholm Along the way Griffiths includes brief profiles of many Swedes of note including August Strindberg and his classmate Alfred Nobel Ingvar Kamprad billionaire founder of IKEA ABBA another example of the Swedish penchant for acronyms and Greta Garbo and Ingrid BergmanAnd there is plenty on the character of Stockholmers For example their morbid interest in death which among other things impels most to make a carefully considered decision on the tombstone that will mark their grave This is taken seriously as a major marker of identity and style as important as the choice of ring tone on a mobile phone Or their propensity for systems in structuring virtually every social and economic issue In Stockholm to evade the system to behave without a system to pretend the system does not exist to wander about and conduct life unsystematically is to ask for trouble Conformity is often not a choice but part of a failsafe built in way of lifeThe book includes one map and about three dozen photographs It is written in a breezy moderately hip sometimes humorous and occasionally snarky fashion It served my purpose of learning about Stockholm and Sweden in a non pedagogical way It would also make for a fine introduction to Stockholm before an Aussie Brit or Yank actually went there