Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics Biology Chemistry And Engineering (Studies in Nonlinearity) Read ☆ 4

Summary Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry And Engineering (Studies in Nonlinearity)

Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry And Engineering (Studies in Nonlinearity) Read ☆ 4 Õ ❰Reading❯ ➸ Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry And EngLorenz euations chaos iterated maps period doubling renormalization fractals and strange attractorsA uniue feature of the book is its emphasis on applications These include mechanical vibrations lasers biological Dynamics And Chaos With Applications Kindle rhythms superconducting circuits insect outbreaks chemical oscillators genetic control systems chaotic waterwheels and even a techniue for using chaos to send secret messages In each case the scientific background is explained Dynamics An. It is rare that books of this type are both comprehensive and readable Strogatz has managed to cover a wide range of concepts in significant detail while providing examples to illustrate his major pointsThe beginning of the text starts of with one dimensional nonlinear systems of first order like the logistic euation and Strogatz outlines the typical framework that one uses to analyze such systems He defines fixed points illustrates and defines bifurcations and solidifies every claim with good examplesThe text eventually moves to higher order systems with coupled or non coupled sets of differential euations For the most part exercises for the student involve sets of two differential euations that can be linearized using Jacobian methodsLater Strogatz provides a nicely executed description of fractals and fractal dimension using examples from the Cantor set and the von Koch curveThe beauty of the book is that it is well written and complete It even provides some limited solutions to selected exercises in the back The examples in the book cover a wide range of areas Mechanical oscillating systems like a mass on a spring electrical circuits that follow the same euations laser models that follow a modified logistic euation and many variations of the Lotka Volterra model are outlined through examples in the textThe book is a stand alone text eually useful as a textbook for an intorductory course or as a reference for someone merely surveying the subject It deserves the highest rating possibleEdit 22807Now with a few years of hindsight I would say this might have been the best stand alone textbook I had in grad school This was one of the few books I had where I could teach myself the subject matter by just reading it It is a great book that takes the mysticism out of a new and growing field

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This And Chaos With Applications eBook #195 textbook is aimed at newcomers to nonlinear And Chaos PDF #9734 dynamics and chaos especially students taking a first course in the subject The presentation stresses analytical methods concrete examples and geometric intuition The theory is developed systematically starting with first order differential euations and their bifurcations followed by phase plane analysis limit cycles and their bifurcations and culminating with the Nonlinear Dynamics Kindle. This book was the textbook in a course on nonlinear dynamics that I took The course covered most of chapters 2 8 chapter 1 is an introduction and is very short so please consider my comments from that context Speaking personally as an individual student I tend to rely very heavily on my textbooks for learning and generally read them deeply This book was no exceptionOverwhelmingly the great strength of this book is the uality of the writing style This is a very rare math book in that it is actually fun to read The examples are for the most part very good easy to follow and understand The author focuses a lot on the big picture perspective of the techniues involved and does a superb job of developing a very good intuition and feel for nonlinear systems In fact the prose is so readable I would not have any hesitation recommending this book for someone wanting to teach them self the topic assuming the necessary background of course I feel that this book could easily accommodate such a studentAnother great strength of this book is the way that ideas build upon one another The author has masterfully written a book in which your intuition about early concepts pave the way for understanding later concepts even though missing some ideas in the beginning will not cripple you in later chapters IE in many books if you do not understand chapter 1 you will fail in chapter 2 etcThe problems are very doable but yet seem to capture the essence of ideas in the chapters well This is in contrast to many books in which the easy problems are practically busy work and the problems that teach you something reuire you to saw off your left foot The author strikes a nice balance here Another nice feature is that the author draws actual models from a broad range of disciplines to build the practice problem sets and worked examplesThe only real complaint I have about this book as a pure math guy is that this book is VERY skimpy on the theoryas in proofs and connection with deeper ideas but I think this book is targeted to a non mathematics or an applied math audience Personally I found this frustrating and somewhat unsatisfying but consider the nature of the classaudience The author does sprinkle some theory around such as the occasional reference to Topology and a section on index theory but don't blink you might miss it The author rarely provides proof for theorems those that he does provide are generally very simple and seem to be provided for their intuitive value rather than rigorous completeness I considered giving it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the lack of rigor but both considering its intended audience and its effectiveness at building intuition dismissed that consideration uickly If you are looking for a book that digs into the theory this is definitely not the book for you at least not as a primary referenceAnother minor shortcoming not so much a short coming as uality which is lacking which could make this book better is that the book provides practice problems for use on a computerappropriately but does not provide any example code at all This is not a big deal a uick google search could easily provide you with a basic demonstration of the syntax necessary to plot a system using the language of your choice but still Personally I would not let such a thing be a deal breaker for this book At least the author has not taken the other extreme and written the book entirely around one particular proprietary languageDespite these shortcomings I strongly recommend this book either as a primary text for a course in nonlinear dynamics targeted to a non pure math audience or as a secondary reference for anyone I think this is a great book that will serve you wellOh if the author is reading this post ADD MORE COLOR PICTURES OF CHAOTIC SYSTEMS PLEASE I love looking at those

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Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos With Applications To Physics Biology Chemistry And Engineering Studies in NonlinearityD Chaos eBook #184 at an elementary level and closely integrated with the mathematical theoryRichly illustrated and with many exercises and worked examples this book is ideal for an introductory course at the juniorsenior or first year graduate level It is also ideal for the scientist who has not had formal instruction in nonlinear dynamics but who now desires to begin informal study Dynamics And Chaos With Applications Kindle The prereuisites are multivariable calculus and introductory physic. Probably the best book on nonlinear systems you can get Possible to read it page by page and follow it all The writer has a gift for plain teaching