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FREE DOWNLOAD You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother 107 ↠ ❰Epub❯ ❥ You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother Author Join or create book clubs – Do you find yourself feeling emotionally bruised upset and confused after being in contact with your motherAre you left doubting yourself – feeling crazy as You must truly be crazy And still you end up emotionally bruised and confused and hurt If this resonates with you it is possible that your mother has Narcissistic Personality DisorderYou're Not Crazy It's Your Mother explains what that it is and what it means to you in your life It will help you to undertake a journey of recognition and recovery of moving on healing and claiming your own self as the wonderful vibrant woman you really a. This book has been a real eye opener for me Thinking all my life that I was inadeuate despite loads of academic ualifications aptitude for languages living away from home and a moderately successful career I now understand what I had always felt that my mother really was the cause of my insecurity As soon as I put this down I was bouncing with new found confidence and dare I say it a sense of triumph I don't go with the mental exercises at the back but it's a gripping read and does empower you

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Do Crazy It's Your ePUB #182 you find yourself feeling Crazy PDFEPUB #194 emotionally bruised upset and confused after being in contact with your motherAre you left doubting You're Not MOBI #181 yourself – feeling crazy as she remembers some incidents totally differently to how you remember them and denies other events even Not Crazy Epub #221 happened at allDo you somehow feel like you’re not a real person in her company Doe. Purchased the Audible version 30 mins in and I'm listening with my jaw dropped After years of blaming myself for not having a decent relationship with my mom this book helped with understanding how her brain is wired Since childhood I've always aimed to please and did good but never received thanks praise or emotional support from my own mother Most of my 20's was tarnished by having hatred toward her because she always tried make me feel like a failure Never having anyone to understand why I hated my own mom My own grandmother was the only person bold enough to tell my own mother was jealous of me her only daughte At 25 yrs old pursuing a great career and she was the first person to fill my head with doubtful uestions Now at 30 yrs old I refuse to hold onto to hate I had a very serious and honest talk with her and let her know that she can no longer be apart of my life or her only grandchildmy sononly to get nothing but an ok from her I must say I'm uite alright with this decision and it has truly put peace in my heart People who suffer from NPT won't acknowledge anyone's feelings but their own I considered therapy several times but I knew it would be wasteful with her which led me to seek out books like this to gain better understanding of her issues I'm so grateful that I could set myself free from emotional bondage and finally LIVE

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You're Not Crazy It's Your MotherS it seem that she gets Not Crazy It's Your eBook #180 cross angry or upset when good things happen in your lifeAnd does she seem happy Not Crazy It's Your eBook #180 and energised if you have a trauma or crisisBut maybe that’s your imagination you tell yourself because of course your own mother isn’t going to be glad when you suffer rightAnd round and round go your feelings and emotions and half formed thoughts till you think. This is one book I am not giving away to anyone or the library The author tells it so very well by her own experience I cut my family out of my life 4 years ago now and grieved for the first couple of years Today I am so thankful I cut them off and I see my siblings still drowning in denial and playing all the necessary games in order to earn my mother's approval My mother even has her golden child with my being the scapegoat Narcissists never change they will not listen to anything you have to say that might give them insight into their problem and at least in my case I had to cut off my mother and a sister in order to maintain my sanity My father is an enabler that or he is too scared of my mother to say anything so unfortunately I will never see my parents again until their death I have no regrets on leaving my family I still am in touch with one sister who is so damaged by my mother that she disassociates and has a double personality My narcissistic mother verbally abused me horribly from puberty until she drove me out of the home Up to the age of my turning 60 my mother invalidated me ignored me let me know my sister golden child is her favorite disagreed with me on nearly everything and when I told her I didn't think she loved me she didn't deny it and then she denied our conversation about it to my sister saying she 'didn't remember any conversation to that effect' She also is so insecure that she worries constantly what other people think and puts on a display of being the perfect mother in a perfect family And she is also a raging liar My family made me crazy and I have warned my sons that they can keep in touch but beware that within a year or two you will feel like you're going crazy too So far they haven't gotten together with my sick family and it's been four years Anyone out there who reads this book and realizes they have a sick narcissistic mother GET OUT GET OUT You will feel guilt at first but in the end you will have your sanity and your life back It is NOT true that one can cut off friends but one cannot cut off family Sometimes you have to save yourself emotionally and mentally to survive by leaving forever I have prayed I have grieved you will grieve when you finally realize your mother never loved you and I have survived and you will too I will never go back My mother would rather live the rest of her life never seeing me than saying I am sorry or I do love you I have forgiven her but you couldn't pay me to be in the same room with her I literally have divorced my family Enough said