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All Eyes on Lena Box Set Faithgirlz Lena in the SpotlightAckles challenges learns the value of perseverance keeps her hopes high and trusts faith and family to get her throughIn Shining Night Lenas overnight fame continues to pull her into the spotlight but now shes faced with her biggest challenge yet Lena learns that a new friend she met at a recent visit to the childrens hospital needs help The hospital is closing and the little girls parents cant afford the ongoing care she needs Rallying the support of her school friends and family Lena pulls together a huge concert to raise funds She discovers that helping others comes at a cost but what matters most in life cannot be bought With the encouragement and mentoring she receives from her family Lena is reminded that God is her stren We had a challenge getting our daughter to read We tried various books and then God sent this book series at just the right time My daughter's favorite movie is War Room so she was elated to find out that Alena wrote a series with her Mom She hasn't put this series down since she started reading it The positive messages the fabric of God's love and God's purpose has been a blessing to our daughter Thank you The Pitts legacy lives on

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All Eyes on Lena Box Set Epub Ð Faithgirlz á alena pitts á [Download] ➹ All Eyes on Lena Box Set (Faithgirlz / Lena in the Spotlight) ➾ Alena Pitts – From actress Alena Pitts the Lena in the Spotlight series reflects the authors own life experiences as she reaches for the Gth and his plan is biggerIn Day Dreams and Movie Screens Lena Daniels summer of Hollywood starlets and movie filming alongside her favorite singer Mallory Winston is over School will soon be back in full swing but just as she begins to wonder if her summer was all just a dream Lenas world is turned upside down The movie premiers the previews seem to be splattered on every television and radio channel and everyone knows her name Lena is just figuring out how to manage her new fame at home when she finds out shes hitting the road on a two week bus tour to further promote the film Lena experiences adventures and challenges she never expected while learning to step outside of her comfort zone and follow the path God has for her li My daughter finished all three of the books I love the testimonies behind the authors My daughter thought that all books were fun and “so called” page turners meaning she couldn’t stop reading the books I as a parent felt the breath of God with the creativity of this mom and young daughters thoughts Please check out the authors

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From actress Alena Pitts the Lena in the Spotlight series reflects the authors own life experiences as she reaches for the stars and keeps her faith in balance This collection includes the first three books in the seriesa perfect gift for the Faithgirlz in your lifeIn Reaching for the Stars Lena Daniels knows theres nothing else shed rather do than be in the movies But now that she's gotten her wish Lena finds that being in the spotlight is harder than it sounds With her face plastered everywhere Lena wonders if this is a dream come true or a horrible nightmare With her little sisters Ansley Ashton and Amber constantly at her side Lena must face the challenges of everyday life while chasing her dreams of being an actress Lena t I read these books to my daughter every night she’s only four and she loves these books I’m in love with the positive Godly influences throughout all the books and my daighter always asks so many uestions about Lena and her family and God when I read them to her before bed We are almost done with the set and I wish there were to continue the story of Lena finding her strengths in God and family Thank you for writing these books 😊