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MOBI × DOC Princess Petunia and the Good Knight Big Idea Books FREE Â JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS ¾ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Princess Petunia and the Good Knight: Level 1 (I Can Read! / Big Idea Books / VeggieTales) By Join or create book clubs – A LessTo sound out words and sentences It aligns with guided reading level I and will be of interest to children Pre K to 2nd grade Princess Petunia and the Good Knight features many of the great characters from VeggieTales including Petunia Rhubarb as Princess Petunia and Larry the Cucumber as the Duke of Scone The story takes place in the Kingdom of Scone at the time of the Great Pie Games with pies flying everywhere and Princess Petunia having the difficult task of choosing who is the champion out of all of the contestants When she chooses the winner everyone is shocked when she isn't focused on who threw pies the best but who put others firstKaren Poth's story is a wonderful addition to the I Can Read series which feature stories with short sentences and simple familiar words for children beginning to read on their own The colourful and action packed pictures are guaranteed to hold the reader's attention and may even distract the parent as well If your children enjoy watching Veggietales movies like mine do then they will be especially eager to pick up this story and join the cast of characters in their adventures The story line is simple but it manages to drive home a profound truth about what really matters in life which is not necessarily being the best at something but rather having the most servant like heart and looking out for the good of others That is a worthy message that I sure want my own children to be hearing over and over and this book will accomplish just thatI highly recommend this book for children and parents looking for an entertaining story that will help their child in their journey to learning to read while imparting wonderful values along the way 5 out of 5 starsA copy of the book has been provided courtesy of the publisher Zondervan Zonderkidz for the purposes of this unbiased review

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A Lesson about Putting Others FirstIts time for the Great Pie Games and Princess Petunia has to choose the champion of all kni Great

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Princess Petunia and the Good Knight Level 1 I Can Read Big Idea Books VeggieTalesGhts What makes the Duke of Scone so special?This is a Level One I Can Read book which means its perfect for children learning Very cute funny and teaches a good lesson about character