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Creative 52 Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography PortfolioA powerful portfolioinvolves so Weekly Projects ePUB #180 muchthan just a strong grasp of the technical aspects of photography–it’s a complex mix of style techniues and intriguing ideas Many photographers struggle to achieve a high impactportfolio feeling that they lack the creative spark to invigorate them andmove their work forward Creative is that spark–and your guide to a new andcreative portfolio in just one year A remedy for that “average” portfolio this collection of innovative projects will help portrait Creative 52 eBook #185 wedding and fashion photographers build a portfolio that draws the attention of edit As stated by the other reviewers the book is packed with numerous ideas and suggestions leading to better photos However the discussion is all directed towards the author's special area of photography fashion For those who have this specialty this is an invaluable guide But how useful is the book for those who take very different kinds of photos I did a uick and rather arbitrary analysis of the projects to see how match of the discussion could be transferred to other types of subject matter My judgment was that 20 of the 52 projects could be adapted by those shooting any subject matter Twelve might be useful with some further work and 20 seemed remote from any field outside of fashion Others may very well make different judgements about where to place each assignment The conclusion seems to stand however the direct usefulness of this volume will depend upon the details of the subject matter at which you are directing your camera All photographers however can appreciate in general terms the kind of analyses being done in the book even if not directly related to their work

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PDF ë BOOK Creative 52 FREE ↠ LINDSAY ADLER Ä ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio Author Lindsay Adler – Dcmdirect.co.uk A powerful portfolioinvolves so muchthan just a strong grasp of the technical aspects of photography–it’s a complex mix of Ors and clients–leaving the competition behind While other how to books often use bland imagery simply to prove a technical point and many fine art books are filled with beautiful imagery but contain minimal if any educational insights to help working photographers this book blends both inspiration and knowledge that you can use to create images that attract potential clients Divided into three parts–concept 52 Weekly Projects eBook #8608 techniue and post processing–author Lindsay Adler’s challenges each contain a description of the project potential inspiration and suggestions 52 Weekly Projects to Invigorate eBook #1 This book is full of creative practical exercises for all skill levels As a photographer always on the lookout for shooters to follow I especially love that she references a handful of photographers to check out that relate to each exercise Many of these exercises are fundamental timeless practices that will outlive whatever current trends happen to be This book should not only be taught to every new student but any veteran photographer will also learn than a few things

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85 of other artists to check out and her own uniue solution to the challenge–all to push you beyond your comfort zone to explore new ideas and approaches to your work Includes a year’s worth of weekly projects that motivate you to experiment with new concepts techniues and software tools like Adobe Photoshop to achieveeye catching images Offers 52 Weekly Projects to Invigorate eBook #185 the cure for “expected” imagery showing how to produce memorable photographs that are distinct from the competition enabling you to reach new clients Empowers you with the encouragement and expertise necessary to create spectacular imag I purchased this book last year for myself and for a friend in hopes of improving our photography Most of the projects were very engaging including some of the challenging processing assignments in the later chapters Lindsay Adler's writingteaching style is very down to earth and her instructions are generally easy to follow Both my friend and I looked forward to each week's challenge and to see how we each interpreted the assignments I would definitely recommend running through the challenges with another person because it helps keep you motivated And bottom line your photography is likely to improve