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FREE DOWNLOAD Ê Midwives (Oprah's Book Club) ´ ❰Download❯ ➻ Midwives (Oprah's Book Club) Author Join or create book clubs – A contemporary classic that has soldthan two million copies and was a selection of Oprah's original Book Club Midwivesis acompulsively readable novel thatexplores uestionsTrial bears the earmarks of a witch hunt forcing Sibyl to face the antagonism of the law the hostility of traditional doctors and the accusations of her own conscience Exploring the complex and emotional decisions surrounding childbirth Midwivesengages moves and transfixes us as only the very best novels ever do. I enjoyed this story and unlike others did not find it dull I thought it well paced and although the reader knows at the beginning what happens the mother's death in childbirth there is still much to uncover in the bookI would have given this a higher rating however if the narrator Connie the midwife's daughter had had an authentic voice The back cover states that this is related through the eyes of Sibyl's fourteen year old daughter This is not the case It is Connie who narrates but instead of seeing the story through her fourteen year old eyes it is told from her older detached thirty something year old self This creates an unnecessary distance from events in my opinion and gives the fourteen year old Connie insight and wisdom than she would have had As a result of this choice of point of view I feel the book does not engage the reader If Bohjalian had actually used a fourteen year old narrator that would have placed the reader in the story at the time it was happening Instead the reader is as detached as Connie and for this reason the book is somewhat unsatisfactory

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A contemporary classic that has soldthan two million copies and was a selection of Oprah's original Book Club Midwivesis acompulsively readable novel thatexplores uestions of human responsibility that are as fundamental to our society now as they were when the book was first published twenty years ago On an icy. This is an all time favorite book of mine and every time i lend it out i never get it back So I decided to purchase it in Kindle so it can’t go anywhere I rarely read books than once but this is one that has stayed on my mind for over 15 years now and I thought i’d give a second time around to see if my ratings are still the same as they were after all these years Possibly a one time author for me and Not something I would usually pick up fro it’s description but was recommended to me by so many people i just had to ignore the preface and go for it And i was so impressed i knew this book and I would meet up again Please read it’s not uite like the description and one you won’t want to put down I ‘be tried to get into a couple of his other books but maybe this one just set the bar too high to come close to this suspenseful emotional read

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Midwives Oprah's Book ClubWinter night in an isolated house in rural Vermont a seasoned midwife named Sibyl Danforth takes desperate measures to save a babys life She performs an emergency cesarean section on a mother she believes has died of stroke But what ifas Sibyl's assistant later chargesthe patient wasn't already dead The ensuing. lived each entry with both Sibyl and Connie FEELING how each felt An INCREDIBLE life like telling Bet other midwives had experience of challenges in home birth settings It ABSOLUTELY changes the original elation and joy of helping birthing womencoupleswhat a bless ed outcome for this family I pray appreciate this book Recommend to anyone loving pregnancy and birth SPECIALLY those involved in home birth there are other true loving merciful and grace filled Asa 's out there AGAIN An EXCELLENT read Nothing I did NOT appreciate about this read