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DOWNLOAD ï Chesapeake Invader (Princeton Legacy Library, 5150) Û ❮BOOKS❯ ⚡ Chesapeake Invader (Princeton Legacy Library, 5150) Author Join or create book clubs – Thirty five million years ago a meteorite three miles wide and moving sixty times faster than a bullet slammed into Y five million years ago and to the ways in which the meteorite shaped the Chesapeake Bay area by for example determining the Bay's very location and creating the notoriously briny groundwater underneath Virginia This is a compelling work of geological detective work and a paean to the joys and satisfactions of a life in scienceOriginally published in The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print on demand technology to again make available previously out of print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in. Does a great job of explaning the stratigraphy and paleo water characteristics of the southern Chesapeake An easy very informative read

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Ts in the decades after World War II uncovered a series of seemingly inexplicable geological features along the Virginia coast As he worked to interpret one of these puzzling findings in the s in his own field of paleontology Poag began to suspect that the underlying explanation was the impact of a giant meteorite He guides us along the path that he and dozens of colleagues subseuently followed as in true scientific tradition they combined seemingly outrageous hypotheses painstaking research and eual parts good and bad luck as they worked toward the discovery of what turned out to be the largest impact crater in the US We join Poag in the lab on deep sea drilling ships on the road for clues in Virginia and in heated debates about his findings He introduces us in clear accessible language to the science behind meteorite impacts to life and death on Earth thirt. My location is within the effect of that Invaderalmost pure iron located at Cape Charles My water supply is acidic with high iron content Even with 5K worth of filters I cannot drink or make hot teasoffee

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Chesapeake Invader Princeton Legacy Library 5150Thirty five million years ago a meteorite three miles wide and moving sixty times faster than a bullet slammed into the sea bed near what is now Chesapeake Bay The impactpowerful than the combined explosion of every nuclear bomb on Earth blasted out a crater fifty miles wide and one mile deep Shock waves radiated through the Earth for thousands of miles shaking the foundations of the Appalachians as gigantic waves and winds of white hot debris transformed the eastern seaboard into a lifeless wasteland Chesapeake Invader is the story of this cataclysm told by the man who discovered it happened Wylie Poag a senior scientist with the US Geological Survey explains when and why the catastrophe occurred what destruction it caused how scientists unearthed evidence of the impact and how the meteorite's effects are felt even today Poag begins by reviewing how scientis. This book is a treasure I refer to it time and time again The manner in which the book is laid out makes it a fluid read from start to finish The information that it contains is well thought out There are diagrams that explain the nature of this crater in the Earth left behind by an ancient impact with something out of this world The author dutifully gives credit to other researchers who notated the anomalies that they found while studying the Chesapeake even though they did not understand full how the anomalies were created This book is of interest to me because of the detailed evidence for a meteor impact in our distant past that rocked the ancient East Coast permanently altering the topography It is also interesting from a geological perspective because this impact crater's evidence is hidden under the water of a truly uniue estuary cores samples and geologic detective work was employed to prove the case of the Chesapeake Invader I am not sure that this book is still in print so buy it when you can its amazing Don't let the book's publication date throw you this book maybe even relevant now than when it was first published I consider it a scientific gem and I wasn't suffice reading the library's copy so I bought one of my own to re read and share with my daughter