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Vesuvius: A Biography Read & Download î 100 Þ ❮KINDLE❯ ❦ Vesuvius: A Biography ❅ Author Join or create book clubs – The volcano that has fascinated scientists writers and poets for two millenniaCapricious vibrant and volatile Vesuvius has been and remains one of the world's most dangerousRature In Vesuvius Alwyn Scarth draws from the latest research classical and eyewitness accounts and a diverse range of other sources to tell the riveting story of this spectacular natural phenomenonScarth follows Vesuvius across time examining the volcano's destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD its eruptions during the Counter Reformation that were viewed as God's punishment of sinners and the building of the world's first volcano observatory on Vesuvius in the s Scarth explores the volcano's current position overlooking a population ofthan thr. Author Alwyn Scarth knows his subject matter intimately Over the past dozen years he has written a total of eight books on the subject of volcanoes His latest effort Vesuvius A Biography presents the incredible history of one of the world's most famous and feared volcanoes in an engaging and completely uniue format His biography of this fabled mountain in Southern Italy reveals the stupendous forces of nature that are released each time this volcano erupts Scarth cautions us all not to be fooled by the breathtaking beauty of the mountain that some so called experts have declared to be extinct For when Vesuvius rumbles back to life the impact on human life and property will be catastrophic Scarth passionately argues that the three million people who reside in the areas surrounding Vesuvius need to learn and understand its destructive history lest they be doomed to repeat itAs most students of history know the most famous and destructive eruption of Vesuvius occured in the year 79 AD This was the eruption that buried the city of Pompeii and the neighboring town of Herculaneum Utilizing the letters from an eyewitness to these events a man called Pliny the Younger Scarth recalls in dramatic detail the events of what many consider to be the granddaddy' of all natural disasters I simply cannot imagine how terrified these people must have been as these events were unfolding all around them The best estimates are that some 16000 people perished Most of these folks simply did not have time to get out of harms way Scarth recalls that when the site was finally excavated it revealed much of what Pompeii looked like in 79 AD The city had been buried under nearly 4 meters of ash Incredibly a bakery oven containing 81 loaves of bread nearly 2000 years old was uncovered Meanwhile Alwyn Scarth also does a workmanlike job of detailing other major eruptions of Vesuvius over the past two millennia And he manages to do so in language that the average reader with a limited scientific vocabulary can understand Not an easy taskPrior to reading Vesuvius A Biography I was largely unaware of the wide array of life threatening and highly destructive ecological events that can be spurred by a volcanic eruption Aside from the obvious effects like molten lava flows and Plinian eruptions the powerful and deadly explosion of gas steam ash and pumice that can last from several minutes to several hours and rise in vertical columns up to 30 km or depending on the location volcanoes can generate earthuakes violent thunderstorms mudslides and even on occasion a tsunami In this book you will discover the hopes and fears of the people who live in the shadow of Vesuvius You will also learn about how the deep religious traditions in the area play a major role in the way residents view the volcanoAll in all I found Vesuvius A Biography to be an exceptionally well written book In addition the dozens of photographs and illustrations and the Glossary of Terms greatly enhanced my understanding and enjoyment of this book Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay to author Alwyn Scarth is that I want to learn about Vesuvius I see that The History Channel has produced a couple of documentaries on Vesuvius over the years and I intend to seek them out Vesuvius A Biography proves to be an exceptionally well thought out project Very highly recommended

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The volcano that has fascinated scientists writers and poets for two millenniaCapricious vibrant and volatile Vesuvius has been and remains one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes In its rage it has destroyed whole cities and buried thousands alive In Vesuvius A PDFEPUB or its calm its ashes have fertilized the soil providing for the people who have lived in its shadows For over two millennia the dynamic presence of this volcano has fascinated scientists artists writers and thinkers and inspired religious fervor Roman architecture and Western lite. This is a wonderful biography of Mt Vesuvius and I can't imagine how it could have been done successfully It's full of hard scientific data but the writing is so vivid and clear I'm not a scientist without being romantic or overly hyperbolic that it's a page turner like a thriller or the biography of a famous and very complex person The organization could not be faulted It's chronological with each chapter divided into shortish clearly labeled sections and sidebars printed in gray boxes that are focused treatments of individual subjects It also includes a large number of maps and a glossary of geologicalvolcanological terms This description may make it sound like a textbook and I'm sure it could be used as one but it's aimed at the famous general reader and the author has really found his mark A thoroughly engrossing and enormously informative study

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Vesuvius A BiographyEe million people and the complex attitudes maintained by the residents at once reverent protective and fearful He also considers the next major eruption of Vesuvius which experts have indicated could be the most powerful since The longer Vesuvius remains dormant theviolent its reawakening will be and despite scientific advances for predicting when this might occurpeople are vulnerable than ever beforeExploring this celebrated wonder from scientific historical and cultural perspectives Vesuvius provides a colorful portrait of a formidable force of natu. I bought this after reading Harris' Pompeii and I'd recommend it heartily You don't have to be a geologist to understand it because although there are some technical words which any decent dictionary will define they are explained; and in any case it's much about how the people living around Vesuvius through history have lived with and reacted to its various fits of wakefulness; and there are plenty of drily humorous observations on human behaviour the statue of the saint and the bishop and the clergy at the head of the procession were on this occasion less successful in arresting the flow of lava Very enjoyable