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Download NKJV The MacArthur Daily Bible Book ↠ The MacArthur Daily Bible æ thomas nelson ¿ ➸ NKJV, The MacArthur Daily Bible, Paperback: Read Through the Bible in One Year, with Notes from John MacArthur Free ➮ Author Thomas Nelson – Take a Take a tour through the Bible with pastor teacher John MacArthur unleashing God's truth one verse at a timeTMThe MacArthur Daily Bible takes a portion of the Old Testament New Testament Psalms and Proverbs for each day of the year with daily com This is my absolute favorite way of reading the Bible The notes really help with understanding key concepts and scriptures I love it I received it free from the author's membership club but my mom took it So I ordered another copy and she ended up giving that copy to her pastor So here I am buying ANOTHER copy from But it's so worth it You'll receive such a better understanding in the long run

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Ments that guide and inform you as you read through the Bible in a year John MacArthur's insight maximizes the benefit of each day's reading If a commitment to daily Bible reading never worked for you before this is the answer With John at your HiI read previously that it didn't work for the kindle version and I myself didn't think so either but it doesWhen you go the first day's Old Testament reading after you read it at the end it will include an underlined Next January 1 or whatever day you are on Reading When you click on that link it will take you the day's Psalm After the Psalm you get the same message and then it will take you to the day's Proverb and lastly to the next New Testament reading At the end of the daily New Testament reading you will get a last link that will say Return to January xx reading When you clik on that you will then see three days of readings the day you just read the day you are next scheduled to read and the following day's reading Even if you didn't start on January 1 you won't have any problem remembering where you are at because your next reading will be listed in the centerI may not have made much sense here but if you try it you will find the links as soon as you finish reading the day's passages Again I thought it didn't work but I just couldn't believe they would say it was a daily reading bible if you have to go back to the table of contents to get to it I just didn't read far enough into the first reading in the Old Testament to see the actual linkLove this book

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NKJV The MacArthur Daily Bible Paperback Read Through the Bible in One Year with Notes from John MacArthurSide there'll be no such thing as a tough portion of Scripture10 point type sizePart of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson BiblesMacArthur Daily Bibles sold to date More than 150000The New King James VersionMore than 60 million copies so This bible is really great for studies I was pleasantly surprised with the easy to read font and size The mini commentaries that are written beside some of the verses are helpful also I'm happy with this purchase