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Essential Keyboard Duets doc ð Vol 6 Music by J read ↠ dcmdirect ↠ [EPUB] ✻ Essential Keyboard Duets, Vol 6: Music by J. C. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorák, and Mozart, Comb Bound Book (Alfred Masterwork Edition: Essential Keyboard Repertoire) Author Gayle Kowalchyk – ThisThis collection of piano duets for one piano Duets Vol Kindle #214 four hands includes the most popular Classical and Romantic repertoire and is appropriate for early advanced to advanced pianists It includes music by J C Bach Beethoven Brahms Dvorák and Moza This is a nice collection of piano duets with easy to read print ie large enough and clear The description says plastic comb binding which isn't true It is glued and won't stay open on the piano The plastic comb version is discontinued The description needs to be changed I took my book to Kinkos and had a spiral coil inserted for around 10

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Rian Dances in G Minor F Major F Minor and F sharp Minor BrahmsWaltzes Op Nos and BrahmsSlavonic Dances Op Nos and DvorákSonata in D Major K MozartSonata in B flat Major K Mozart The comb binding creates a lay flat book that is perfect for study and performan I'm really enjoying playing the duets in this book with my teen daughter We are currently tackling a Mozart sonata which is a cause for much mirth and would be for anyone listening The book has a nice selection of pieces movements from Bach Sonata in F Op18 Beethoven sonata in D Op6 4 Brahms Hungarian Dances 5 Brahms waltzes 2 Dvorak slavonic dances and two Mozart sonatasVolume 3 is also at this advanced level containing music by later composers such as Bizet Debussy and RavelIt's worth noting that you'd certainly both need to be Grade 6 on the piano to tackle these duets and some are harder than that Both my daughter and I are Grade 8 Grade 8 and we've still had some hilarious moments of inaccuracy when trying these out all part of the fun as long as you are not in front of other people and you know your duet partner well There are other easier books in the same series if you are looking for something a bit less meaty Highly recommended

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Essential Keyboard Duets Vol 6 Music by J C Bach Beethoven Brahms Dvorák and Mozart Comb Bound Book Alfred Masterwork Edition Essential Keyboard RepertoireRt The primo and secondo parts are on separate pages and essential ornamentation is realized in footnotes Both parts contain measure numbers for easy reference Titles Sonata in F Major Op No J C BachSonata in Essential Keyboard PDFEPUBD Major Op BeethovenHunga Received a ripped open package with no book inside