CELEBRATING INTERFAITH MARRIAGES kindle ´ Kindle õ [Epub] ➟ CELEBRATING INTERFAITH MARRIAGES By Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk The first comprehensive wedding guide specifically for the JewishChristian couple who wants to honor both religious traditions in their service vows and readingsSaying I do is oneS can increase the pressure on the bride and groom to be Celebrating Interfaith Marriages provides all of the expert advice on how to combine elements of the two faiths so everyone can rejoice with the bride and groom on their wedding dayDevon Lerner draws from her twenty years of officiating interfaith weddings as she discusses the significance of vows and traditions uniue to both faiths and suggests how to incorporate them into a service that is balanced and beautiful She provides Christian and Jewish services I really liked this book the beginning has a few chapters to read and then it has a bunch of ceremonies in it various denominations of Christain and Judaism and then it offered several interfaith ceremonies Each interfaith ceremony had clear sections and the last part of the book had alternate readingsprayers for each section I was able to easily create my own wedding ceremony It does give time estimations for the sample ceremonies

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The first comprehensive wedding guide specifically for the JewishChristian couple who wants to honor both religious traditions in their service vows and readingsSaying I do is one of the happiest moments in a couple's life together but planning that trip to the altar can be a stressful ordeal The minute an engagement is announced two full clans want to celebrate the union their way When one of those families is Jewish 50 percent of whom now marry outside their faith and the other is Christian the religious detail After checking this book out of the library reading and absorbing it bits at a time I realized that I'd renewed it 3 times and I should just buy the thing Rabbi Lerner offers sensitive options for someone planning an interfaith wedding with thorough explanations of parts of the ceremony huppah glass etc and detailed appendices of sample ceremonies songs rituals etc If there is a flaw in this book it is that there are some missing details numbers to call to find willing rabbis etc However I am anticipating dog earring my copy once it arrives addendum My wedding was two weeks ago In the month coming up to the big day my husband and I found ourselves constantly referring to this book We used it for reference to pull ceremony details out and as a reminder of stumbling blocks we would come across Doubly recommended Also check out the references in the back to find other readings Finding good biblical readings we both liked was hard so we ended up using secular stuff mostly

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CELEBRATING INTERFAITH MARRIAGESReaders can mix and match as well as custom bled ceremonies contributed by couples who have worked with her over the years There's a chapter on how to avoid crashes on issues like location when the ceremony takes place and whether the bride and groom should see each other before meeting at the altar A full section of readings both biblical and secular are here too as well as anecdotes that will reassure and amuse No interfaith couple will want to be without this essential handbook when they plan their special day I will be performing my first interfaith wedding in April This book has been extremely valuable in assisting me in learning and understanding some of the Jewish traditions involved Now if it could just teach me Hebrew