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Read ï The New Madrid Earthquakes, Revised Edition ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Reading] ➶ The New Madrid Earthquakes, Revised Edition Author James Lal Penick Jr. – Since its publication in a cloth edition in 1976 Penicks book has met with enormous regional appeaOf the land gives a picture of dramatic change brought about by the upheaval of natural forces In short reading Penicks work one is readily caught up in the total violence of New Madrid Earthuakes eBook #9734 the eventAmerican Historical Review Penick provides information relevant to present studies of earthuakes in this areaEarthuake Information Bullet. Penick did a pretty exhaustive survey of the data available on this topic Unfortunately due to the time frame in which these events occurred there isn't much data I thought he did about as well as anyone could gathering and presenting both fact and myth and piecing these events together Good effort

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James Penick has put together a well written account of the uakes and their effects The New PDFEPUB or upon people animals waterways and land Based on the scattered accounts of the times it offers a good insight into the reactions of persons suddenly confronted with the perils of the unknown The vivid description of the devastation wrought upon the face. Awesome book people are living in a dangerous zone and do not know itRemember a couple of years ago when an earthuake in Virginia cracked the Washington monumentThey can happen anywhereThanks

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The New Madrid Earthquakes Revised EditionSince its publication in a cloth edition in Madrid Earthuakes PDF #186Penicks book has met with enormous regional appeal as well as critical acclaim For the new paper edition the author has written a new introduction New material in the final chapter reports on the scientific inuiries into the New Madrid uakes since Critical comments on the cloth edition. I found this book provided me with good background information about the New Madrid earthuakes of 1811 1812 The author gives a history of the region prior to the uakes especially the town of New Madrid I especially enjoyed the maps showing the original location and layout of the town The author provides a chapter on how people throughout the country responded to the seismic events Some of the theories people of the time had for the uakes are amusing to read Included are speculations on the future seismic activity in the region There is an explanation about the Mercalli Intensity Scale and the modern estimated Richter Scale measurement of the uakes I found this book informative