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Read reader Ú How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind Early African Christianity Set ò Thomas C. Oden ↠ [Reading] ➸ How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind: Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity (Early African Christianity Set) Author Thomas C. OdenOnism and refining rhetorical and dialectical skills He calls for a wide ranging research project to fill out the picture he sketches It will reuire he says a generation of disciplined investigation combining intensive language study with a risk taking commitment to uncover the truth in potentially unreceptive environments Oden envisions a dedicated consortium of scholars linked by computer technology and a common commitment that will seek to shape not only the scholar's understanding but the ordinary African Christian's self percepti This was a most stimulating read It was filled in a number of gaps as to why there was such resistance from Euro American and African Christians to take the bible and early church history seriously especially the African contribution to the Abrahamic religions

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Africa has played a decisive role in the formation of Christian culture from its infancy Some of the most decisive intellectual achievements of Christianity were explored and understood in Africa before they were in Europe If this is so why is Christianity so often perceived in Africa as a Western colonial import? How can Christians in Northern and sub Saharan Africa indeed how can Christians throughout the world rediscover and learn from this ancient heritage? Theologian Thomas C Oden offers a portrait that challenges prevailing noti Thomas Oden's How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind was not the book I expected when I read the title It was different it was it was less it was challenging and it was and is importantOden recently retired after a distinguished professorial career is perhaps one of the most renowned Church historians of our day His four volume opus on the history of pastoral care is a classic for instanceOden now sees as his life's work for the remainder of his life the uncovering of the buried treasure of African Christianity Of course what one means by African is crucial Oden wisely steers clear of much modern and post modern imbalance here He avoids the Euro centric approach that diminishes anything African as being simply borrowed from European culture and thinking On the other hand he eually avoids an Africa first framework that presumes that everything has its roots in AfricaFor Oden and for How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind the Africa he speaks of is anything that happened on the African continent and anyone who lived and ministered on that continent This avoids the endless debate for instance about which Church Father was or was not African How does one define that? By skin color? And by what amount of pigmentation? By nationality? Why wouldn't any nation in Africa be by definition African? By ancestry?The ancestry issue coupled with geographicalcultural impact is Oden's most important contribution In sum he argues that even if Augustine for instance had a father whose ancestry was Greco Roman would that mean that Augustine living his entire life in Africa was not African? Additionally given that his famous mother Monica was almost definitely of Berber north African descent would that not make Augustine African? And just as important to Oden can we wipe out the impact on Augustine's parents and on Augustine of living in the African geography and partaking of the African culture?So for Oden African Christianity is the Christianity of any person who was born andor lived on the African continent Thus for Europeans to claim Augustine Origen Tertullian and others is a robbery of immense proportion in Oden's thinkingGiven this perspective Oden's entire book is actually a call for others to build upon his small start It is a call to take seriously the oral and written tradition of material spoken and penned on the African continent It is then a call to explore the past present and future impact of that legacyFor the past impact Oden wants to examine how African Christian theology and practical Christianity shaped and interacted with non African Christianity For the present and the future Oden hopes that such increased understanding of the enduring African Christian legacy will validate and encourage modern African Christians regarding their heritage will open the doors for African seekers to understand that to convert to Christianity is not betraying their heritage but returning to it and to encourage all Christians to learn from and with modern day African ChristianitySome will find in How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind ecumenism than they find palatable However one does not have to agree with Oden's entire perspective or agenda to learn from him and appreciate his fair and balanced historical perspectiveFor anyone wanting to sort through the current debate in a scholarly way Oden is the person to read For anyone wanting to enliven their appreciation of the ancient African Christian faith How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind is the book to devourReviewer Bob Kellemen PhD is the author of Beyond the Suffering Embracing the Legacy of African American Soul Care and Spiritual Direction Spiritual Friends and Soul Physicians

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How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity Early African Christianity SetOns of the intellectual development of Christianity from its early roots to its modern expressions The pattern he suggests is not from north to south from Europe to Africa but the other way around He then makes an impassioned plea to uncover the hard data and study in depth the vital role that early African Christians played in developing the modern university maturing Christian exegesis of Scripture shaping early Christian dogma modeling conciliar patterns of ecumenical decision making stimulating early monasticism developing Neoplat This book is a great work on the geographical and cultural impact of modern Christianity It forbids the reader from whitewashing Jesus the faith and is a well researched and delivered work