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Roadside Geology of Idaho Roadside Geology SeriesFew states pack so many different rocks into such a small area as Idaho The ancient sedimentary formations of northern Idaho the Idaho batholith in the central part of the state the continental hot spot track and n. I am a big fan of the Roadside series where each volume combines detailed descriptions of what happened together with even detail on where it happened As we travel I drive while my wife reads the description of our current section of road Works really well and we've learned a lot of general geology over the years along with many fascinating local detailsThis book surprised me however by claiming the end of the dinosaurs was the result of a large meteorasteroid that hit off the Indian coast causing the flood basalts known as the Deccan Traps Best current thinking is that an asteroid did in fact cause the mass extinction but the impact was in the Yucatan rather than offshore India and no flood basalts resulted at least in the YucatanI don't know what the current thinking is on the relationship between asteroid impacts and flood basalts; there may well be a link sometimes just not at the end of the CretaceousBut this flaw should not cause you to dismiss the book We certainly haven't It remains an excellent travel companion for a geologically complex and fascinating state

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Roadside Geology of Idaho (Roadside Geology Series) Free download ç 0 Ò ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Roadside Geology of Idaho (Roadside Geology Series) By Join or create book clubs ✩ – Few states pack so many different rocks into such a small area as Idaho The ancient sedimentary foEwly discovered meteorite impact crater of the volcanic Snake River Plain and the Active faults of the Basin and Range province are all chapters in an exciting geologic storyBoth authors know the rocks of Idaho well. As always David Alt and Donald Hyndman team up to provide a very readable expert presentation of the current and past geology of a state with a very dynamic geological past and present As a non geologist who doesn't plan to visit Idaho anytime soon I still learned plenty about how geology works from the discussion drawings and photos of many specific sites and regions 100 million years ago Idaho was part of the western shore of North America You'll learn where to find evidence of the collision that ended this era You will learn about the many Ice Age lake megafloods that left their marks on the major river valleys Nearly all the surface of the state is dominated by a diverse collection of igneous rocks from at least 5 major events over the past 100 million years one or two of which are still active You will have to read the book to discover all the other interesting details

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Through many years of active research and they related the story with authority Roadside Geology Kindle verve and their usual style Roadside Geology of Idaho is a book for laymen to enjoy and for geologists to us. Love these books This is my second one but not likely my last I now entertain my husband with the things I spot in road cuts everywhere we go Our next trip is North on highway 93 to the Salmon river above Salmon Idaho There's a lot of exposed rock there and I can hardly wait At 74 I'm finally learning something about the wonderous rock formations that have fascinated me all my life