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Reconstruction Era Fashions 350 Sewing Needlework and Millinery Patterns 1867 1868Ing tatting and ribbon work Millinery patterns include bonnets hats and evening headdresses Additional articles give instructions for authentic dressmaking corset making millinery hairdressing crocheted tatting and netting Selections from fashion columns describe materials colors shoes jewelry trousseaux and mournin The book is great but I was hoping for dress patterns there's not much and it's mostly day wear but what it does have is amazing and very valuable information A great book to add to my costume library

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Ides sewing patterns for day dresses evening dresses accessories outerwear lingerie corsets crinolines bridal wear and clothes for riding and bathing Instructions for enlarging fitting and using the patterns are included Patterns for garment trimmings use such techniues as heirloom sewing embroidery crocheting knitt This is a lovely book I wanted patterns for gowns but this has some patterns drawings and diagrams of accessories undergarments coats and wraps A fascinating look at all the trinkets that one sometimes overlooks in period costuming

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Reconstruction Era Fashions Book Ô and Millinery Patterns 1867 Download Ç ❴Reading❵ ➾ Reconstruction Era Fashions: 350 Sewing, Needlework, and Millinery Patterns 1867-1868 Author Frances Grimble – Reconstruction Era Fashions contains a comprehensive selection of woReconstruction Era Fashions contains a comprehensive selection of women's styles from the years immediately following the American Civil War The 350 patterns and 609 illustrations are drawn from a rare complete bound volume of the first issues of Harper's Bazar from November 1867 through December 1868 This book prov This book covers ladies fashion at a time when most everything was made at home Its 500 pages are dedicated to one year in history following Harper's Bazar Nov 1867 Dec 1868 It is post elliptical crinoline when skirts were narrowing There are many ideas and a variety of scaled patterns for the shorter round waists bodices sashes belts and trims Undergarments are included There is some detail to instruction but perhaps not enough for a novice It is not all sewing The book includes crochet tatting netting work headwear and