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E illustrated manual on period dressmaking and millinery For theatrical and reenactment costumers vintage clothing collectors brides and doll artist I bought this book by chance but I fell in love with it and will buy the other volumes It's the most complete book about the bustle era and there are patterns that I never saw anywhere elseOf course it is not dedicated to beginners who need patterns already at the right sizeThe sources are always uoted and the drawings very accurate and useful It is not just about costumes but also about hairstyles accessories footwear etc which is why I find it so useful for costume making

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Fashions of the Gilded Age Volume 2 Evening Bridal Sports Outerwear Accessories and Dressmaking 1877 1882Contains 184 authentic sewing patterns and instructions for women's garments Includes special rulers that enable drafting to custom sizes uotes from This entire series from Frances Grimble is the most astounding amount of compiled research we've ever seen A valuable resource for costumers re enactors history aficionados or anyone wanting a comprehensive look at these fashions and the culture surrounding themI purchased the entire set for my wife costumer historian and we were completely impressed with both the uality of the content as well as the layout and organization of the seriesAbsolutely recommendedworth every penny

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Fashions of the Gilded Age Epub ´ Download ↠ Dcmdirect Å ❮Download❯ ➵ Fashions of the Gilded Age, Volume 2: Evening, Bridal, Sports, Outerwear, Accessories, and Dressmaking 1877-1882 Author Frances Grimble – Contains 184 authentic sewing patterns and instructions for woOriginal fashion magazines and other sources give additional information on construction materials and wardrobe planning Also included is an 87 pag Once again Ms Grimble has done what no one else has accomplished A nice two volume set that gives you not only wonderful drawings but great patterns If you are interested in taking a peek into the Gilded Age these two volumes will certainly take you back in time with both the fashions and etiuette of the times