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The Forefather and Patriarch You Thought You KnewAfter the Great Flood the giant king Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel and unites the world in rebellion against the CreatorBut God has other plansHe chooses a simple nomad Abraham as next in the line of the Seed of PromiseSo Nimrod sets out to find Abraham and kill him in order to thwart God’s plan foreverAbraham flees to Canaan a land of Nephilim giants of Genesis 6 and the Watchers rule as gods Sodom and Gomorrah is the flashpoint I decided to read the first 4 books back2back before doing review The explanations at back of books is phenomenal for understanding choices author made Noah Enoch Gilgamesh and Abraham become well fleshed out humans with desires for adventure true bravery and fear loves hates sin and repentance Sarah Hagar and the other wives are loved and respected even as fellow warriors Gods and goddesses are not just in the clouds Science is returning full cycle How Gilgamesh's story could realistically fit into the Biblical narrative is fully explained in a completely plausible fashion The fallen ones aka gods and the Satan's courtroom shenanigans and motivations are logically laid out in a way that exposes the themes of YHWH's heart for good and patience VS the enemies short and long term plans their deceptive seeming submission to control they fully intend to throw off at every opportunity Very realistic Well thought out and creative One thing I don't understand is the propensity of characters choices to follow YHWH's instructions in everything except their eating of unclean foods Noah clearly knew the difference and would have passed that understanding down Secondly Brian's explanation of goddesses like Ashtarte's ickiness would make Abraham's calling Sarah a goddess unlikely Still waiting to see what he's going to do with gibborim I already have the next book downloaded and ready to go

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Abraham Allegiant Chronicles of the NephilimFor the Watchers’ next diabolical plan for the Seed of the SerpentThe War of the Seed is rising Get it now and join the battleAbraham Allegiant is the fourth book of the Biblical Fiction Series Chronicles of the Nephilim a biblical epic story of the fallen angelic Watchers and their offspring the Nephilim giants of Genesis 6Written by respected Christian and best selling Biblical author Brian GodawaBible History Biblical Fiction Action Adventure RomanceIn Abraham Allegiant you’ll I have really enjoyed the Chronicles of the Nephilim series Brian Godawa categorizes these as biblical fiction The stories are based on actual bible stories with many footnotes and references so these stories are based on non fiction facts with supporting references Godawa uses fiction to fill the gaps and provide illustration suspense and excitement Bottom line I have learned so much about these ancient bible stories and have been thoroughly entertained by Godawa’s ability to bring these stories to life Though I have read this whole series through Kindle I have later purchased the paper backs to send to my family I highly recommend reading the Chronicles of the Nephilim series

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FREE PDF µ BOOK Abraham Allegiant ´ DCMDIRECT ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Abraham Allegiant (Chronicles of the Nephilim) By Brian Godawa – The Forefather and Patriarch You Thought You KnewAfter the Great Flood the giant king Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel and unites the world in rebellion against the CDiscoverThe true identity of the Mighty Hunter Nimrod from the BibleThe legendary Semiramis Nimrod’s ravishingly beautiful and cunningly ruthless ueenThe fascinating rise and fall of the infamous Tower of Babel from GenesisThe heart stirring romance between Abraham and SarahWhat really happened to Sodom and GomorrahOn The Age Appropriateness Of The NovelsThis Biblical Fiction series is rated PG 13 appropriate for mature teens and above similar to the Bible and The Lord of the Ring Great novel and brought a lot of Biblical themes to life and a very imaginative way It also made great use of extra Biblical writings without going against what the Bible actually says