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What Are You Going to Do with Your Life kindle Ê eBook Free ✓ J. D. Greear ☆ [PDF] ✓ What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? Author J. D. Greear – Dcmdirect.co.uk God has a plan to make your life count for eternity Stop wasting it You want your life to matter To mean someGod has a plan to make your life count for eternity Stop wasting it You want your life to matter To mean something But if youre like most people you probably dont have a compel The uestion that comprises the title of JD Greear’s new book What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? is a simple one Your answer however has enormous implications When is the last time you asked yourself that uestion?Greear as senior pastor of The Summit Church in Durham North Carolina and current President of the Southern Baptist Convention has been asking that uestion of himself and others for years and now he wants you to answer it for yourself But if you’re a Christian your answer will be significantly influenced by one major issue you don’t get to answer it at all You get to find the answer Greear explains this early in his bookMany people when they read the uestion “What are you going to do with your life?” think “There’s no correct answer to that uestion The course of my life is specific to me and up to me to determine” But that’s not true if you’re a follower of Jesus To be a Christian means that you have surrendered the right to determine the course of your life Now to be clear that’s not the common picture of Christianity at least not in America To be a Christian in America means you go through certain religious rituals and call yourself a Christian all while living however you want to live But that’s not a Christian according to Christ Based upon his Word to be a Christian means you have died to yourself your ideas and your dreams for your life To be a Christian according to Christ means that you have lost your life as you knew it and you have found new life in him which means you now live with his ideas and his dreams for your lifeWhile reading this book I was constantly reminded of a Switchfoot song which uickly gives away my approximate age called “This Is Your Life” The lyrics while reflective of the attitude of most Christians in America I don’t remember hearing anyone pushing back against them then or now do not line up with this biblical view of the shape of our lives “This is your life Are you who you want to be? Is it everything you were dreaming it would be when the world was younger and you had everything to lose?” Unless the members of Switchfoot were hiding some deeper message in the folds of the CD’s liner notes they’re definitely wrong here It’s not about who you want to be It’s not about your dreams and expectations And you may be thinking that’s just too sad and not something that makes Christianity sound appealing but you know what? I know several people who listened to “This Is Your Life” and it made them utterly dejected They despaired because their life isn’t what they had planned It didn’t work out the way they wanted But Greear’s uestion and God’s uestion to his adopted children has none of that “What are you going to do with your life?” is a future tense uestion and God will give you the answer It’s not dependent on anything in your past Not in the slightestWhat Are You Going to Do with Your Life? is a call to align your life with God’s plans for your life instead of your own because only what is done for God really matters Greear relaysAs John Piper says relieving any type of suffering is a good and worthy goal But the worst kind of suffering — the kind that deserves our most earnest attention — is eternal suffering Suffering in this world is terrible and limited but suffering in the next world is terrible and eternal And love sees it that way Love does not shut its eyes to this world or that world Love reckons with the reality of suffering here and the worse reality of suffering thereThis is so important to many of the conversations dividing Christians today and it’s a simple answer This world matters and the next world matters Now some of you who know the work of John Piper might be thinking that Greear’s What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? sounds similar to Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life And that’s on purpose It’s meant as a continuation of the message Piper gave at Passion OneDay 2000 in Memphis Tennessee and then in his book That’s because the message is so central for Christians to understand that we must be reminded of it often We must hear it from different sources using different words so that the message becomes fresh again and we do not miss it Jesus reuires your life Now what are you going to do?Greear points out that it is so easy to distract ourselves from the most important thing in the world because we are so willing to distract ourselves from the reality of death He writesThe seventeenth century French philosopher Blaise Pascal had a great analogy for this He describes our lives like a giant party full of happy people loud music and dancing during which a monster unexpectedly bursts through the doors grabs a random party goer mauls them in front of everyone and drags their bloody corpse out of the room Everyone watches in horror and after it is over stares at each other in stunned silence for a few moments But then the band kicks back up and everyone returns to their frivolity putting the horrendous display out of their minds This horror is repeated every few moments until it becomes apparent that the monster is eventually coming for everyone in the room Yet still the party goes on That monster Pascal said is our impending death And our preferred way of dealing with it is distraction Turn up the musicSo what should we do instead? Well telling people about a way to avoid the monster is great But our message is than that We have the opportunity to tell them “There is someone out there who not only loves you but will defeat the monster forever and take you to a party so much better than this one that you cannot possibly understand”Greear features two fantastic uotes in his book that elucidate his themes perfectly One is familiar to many Christians because of its weighty power and its semi freuent use CT Studd who Greear refers to as the “Lebron James” of cricketers by which I assume he means there’s still one cricketer of all time who is better than him uit his sport to be a missionary in China and later India and the Belgian Congo He died in the Congo but his heart lives on in his wordsOnly one life ‘twill soon be past Only what’s done for Christ will lastOnce you chew on that for a minute read onBecause I believe the second uote is even powerful given its context William Borden the heir of the hugely successful Borden milk business told his father that he didn’t want to inherit the family business Why? He wanted to be a missionary to Muslims in China Greear relays the rest of the storyBorden stopped in Egypt to spend time learning Arabic One month after arriving however he contracted spinal meningitis and died He was twenty five years old Back in the United States headlines proclaimed the tragic news The stories echoed the advice Borden’s friends and family had given him What a waste of a life But Borden didn’t think so As the story goes while on his deathbed someone asked if he had any final words He pulled out his Bible turned to a blank page at the back and wrote “No regrets”But the epitaph on his tombstone is what I pray is written on my tombstone when I dieWilliam Borden is buried in a small cemetery in Cairo The cemetery is so out of the way that if you don’t know what you are looking for you’ll never find it His tombstone is bunched up among many others and the writing on it so faint you can barely read it But if you get down real close you can make out a single sentence “Apart from faith in Christ there is no explanation for such a life”I’ve started trying to not use the word “awesome” when I don’t actually mean “full of awe” so I’m happy to say this How awesome would it be if someone could say that about you when you died It would be my second favorite thing to hearing “Well done good and faithful servant” And as much as the party of the world which hasn’t been much of a party recently distracts us we must constantly remind ourselves of the greater joy and greater burden that accompanies being a child of the King What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? is a powerful reminder and one that I believe would be effective in changing the heart of every ChristianSo buy What Are You Going to Do With Your Life? and read it Or if you haven’t already read John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life it’s free in PDF form through Desiring God Read both Read one now and one in 6 months It doesn’t really matter as long as you refresh your soul and point it back to what God created you to do It’s the most essential thing you will ever doI received a review copy of What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? courtesy of B&H Publishing and NetGalley but my opinions are my own

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Iew your life from the perspective of eternity To start making decisions now that youll be glad you made then Its time to put your yes on the table and let God put it on the ma Piper's Dont Waste Your Life and Platt's Radical come to mind when you see a book like this and say Another one? Why not? We can never read enough books like this and Greear's is no exception I had a hard time laying it down once I started it and some of it had me in tears God is greatly glorified in this book and you couldn't finish a year with a better book

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What Are You Going to Do with Your Life Ling answer to the uestion What are you going to do with your life? In this book JD Greear considers Jesus radical call to give your life away to the greatest cause of all To v I was almost afraid to start this book because the title itself is so challenging What are you going to do with your life?? That is a big and scary uestion you knowThe book did indeed turn out to be challenging thought provoking convicting and yet very encouraging Though you might not find anything new the author is an excellent writer and his writing is so refreshing somehow I enjoyed his use of stories and anecdotes which illustrates his points so well The one about the dogs chasing a mechanised rabbit comes to mind No doubt about it I am often like one of those dogsA must read for every believer A uick and easy read with pauses to reflect and examine your heart It'd make a great gift too for young christians