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The Science of Getting Started How to Beat Procrastination Summon Productivity and Stop Self SabotageSt of all it’s a book of scientific solutions boiled down to everyday usefulness You’ll be able to apply insight from this book immediately to slay your procrastination monster and get ahead of the pack Get started instantly; now; today Stop saying “I’ll do it later” Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and entrepreneur His writing draws of a variety of sources from scientific research academic experience coaching and real life experience He has battled the procrastination monster his entire life and brings proven techniues to you Discover discipline willpower and motivation that works for you Defeat your inner sloth Channel your inner beast•A scientific and biological overview of your procrast If I have any complaints about this book it's that it's so jam packed with information and ideas that you simply shouldn't sit down and read it in one or even 5 sittings I highly recommend going through one chapter a day at most Or just read a few pages whenever you're feeling discouraged of find yourself procrastinating Each chapter has 3 main lessons and they're way bigger than you can implement in a day I've read a ton of books about mindset and motivation yet this one seems to sum up all those books and It's the ultimate overview of mindset tricks and hacks but also practical advice and motivation I love that everything is science based and he tells you where he gets his information I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to live a bigger life and get out of their time on earth

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Outsmart your lazy and undisciplined tendencies Become a productivity machine and achieve your goals uicklyProcrastination is the monster that we are always running from It lurks around every corner and can completely sabotage your life But you can learn to defeat it every timeA blueprint for getting into motion from a complete standstill Understand and defeat your psychological blocksThe Science of Getting Started is a deep dive into our tendency to push things until the last minute possible It uncovers the biological and evolutionary science behind procrastination and how we can beat these instinctual drives to triumph in our career and personal life A plethora of studies are analyzed and put into illuminating contextsBe I've read 3 4 procrastination books but this one is hands down the best It's well written and informative I also liked the way the author uickly summarized every chapter at the end I've never seen anything like that done so well and it's an indispensable part of the bookHere's the proof I finally started a project I've been putting off for a long long time Give this a shot if you're having a similar problem or with procrastination in general If this doesn't help I can't imagine what will

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EPUB ð MOBI The Science of Getting Started í How to Beat Procrastination FREE é [Epub] ➞ The Science of Getting Started: How to Beat Procrastination, Summon Productivity, and Stop Self-Sabotage Author Patrick King – Dcmdirect.co.uk Outsmart your lazy and undisciplined tendenciesInation habit•Warning signs to monitor your work ethic•Psychological tactics to trigger your brain to productivity•How to structure and schedule your life to safeguard against procrastination•Simple yet effective tactics to get off your butt and into action•How to beat analysis paralysis and other causes of mental freezingGetdone in less time so you can enjoy your life instead of avoiding itBecome the most reliable person you know Break your habit of missing goals and letting people down The ability to defeat procrastination is the ability to accomplish exactly what you want and gain access to wherever you want to go GET OFF YOUR BUTT and just get started by clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON at the top right of this pa This is fantastic book and as the author makes it very clear It will only impact my life if I do something with what I've learned I Highly recommend it