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Ve bargaining Academic freedom for faculty and students Copyright basics The contract rights of students Legal issues in online education The rights of students and faculty with disabilities Campus issues safety registered sex offenders racial and sexual harassment student suicide campus computer networks searches of students; residence hall rooms Hate speech and freedom of speech including the rights of faculty and students in public universities Student organizations; rights responsibilities and activities fees Governmental support for religious institutions and religious autonomy rights of individuals in public institutions Nondiscrimination and affirmative action in employment admissions an I just got done with my legal class and this book was great Some bits can be dificult to get through but most of it is easy to read for someone with no legal background I used it a lot for class and I imagine I will continue to use it in my career

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The Law of Higher Education 5th Edition Student VersionD financial aid Athletics and Title IX FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Each chapter is introduced with an overview of key terms and ideas the students will encounter In addition the book includes a general introduction to the study of higher education law a glossary of key legal terms and appendices for non law students on the American court system and on how to read court opinions The authors have also prepared a volume of teaching materials keyed to the Student Version available from the National Association of College and University Attorneys NACUA In addition the authors will periodically update the Student Version by posting recent developments on a Web site hosted by NACUA This book is designed to be used for graduate level course work in higher education law as it may be challenging to approach alone with little experience reading law It is incredibly approachable thorough and contains all the information you need to know for the topic It is truly comprehensive Lee and Kaplin do a great job incorporating all the relevant legal cases by subtopic and refer to them often makes for excellent examples of the laws

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The Law of Higher Education Book à 5th Edition Download è Dcmdirect ´ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ The Law of Higher Education, 5th Edition: Student Version By Barbara A Lee ❅ – Based on the fifth edition of Kaplin and Lee;s indispensable guide to the law that bears on the conBased on the fifth edition of Kaplin and Lee;s indispensable guide to the law that bears on the conduct of higher education The Law of Higher Education Fifth Edition Student Version provides an up to date textbook reference and guide for coursework in higher education law and programs preparing higher education administrators for leadership roles The Student Version includes the materials from the full fifth edition that most relate to student interests and are most suitable for classroom instruction For example The evolution of higher education law and governance Legal planning and dispute resolution The relationship between law and policy Faculty and staff employment issues including collecti Great book for familiarizing yourself with legal issues that occur specifically at a higher education institutionThe authors don’t do a super great job explaining some of the legal jargon which in a law book I understand but the majority of readers are SA pros and we need the assistance