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The MacKade Brothers: Rafe & Jared characters ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ [Reading] ➸ The MacKade Brothers: Rafe & Jared Author Nora Roberts – Two beloved stories about the bold and irresistible MacKade BrothersTHE RETURN OF RAFE MACKADETen years after disappearing from AntietaAttorney brings him up against Savannah Morningstar her rude behavior and strong defenses arent nearly enough to scare him offuite the opposite Thoughts of the outrageously direct and sinfully sexy woman keep Jared coming back forAnd thehe gets to know her thedetermined he is to always stand by herPreviously Publish. I first read a sample few pages then I was hooked and ordered the whole saga I loved every book and couldn’t stop until I had read each book Then I was sorry I had read it so fast and had finished it Ha ha Thoroughly recommend as a feel good factor Enjoy

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Antiue shop owner Regan Bishop Though Regan claims to not want to get involved with a rebel Rafe is pretty sure that her reaction to their sizzling kisses suggests otherwiseTHE PRIDE OF JARED MACKADEJared MacKade believes in taking a stand and he never turns his back The MacKade Epubon a fight So when his work as an. Books don't often make me cry they might make me laugh or cringe depending on the subject matter but The Heart of Devin MacKade made me cry at the end good tears I've always loved how Ms Roberts twines her characters into all the books in her trilogies or in this case her uadrilogy She keeps us on the edge when you THINK you know how they all line up but then she'll throw in someone new Loved this series

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The MacKade Brothers Rafe & JaredBrothers Rafe ePUB #10003 Two beloved stories about the bold and irresistible MacKade BrothersTHE RETURN OF RAFE MACKADETen years after disappearing from Antietam Maryland the bad boy has come home Cleaned up successful and still dangerously good looking Rafe MacKade plans to open a bed and breakfast with the help of. I'm not sure why I bought this collection but I'm glad I did It's a bit dated as it was first published over 20 years ago It didn't detract from my enjoyment of these stories There are 4 MacKade brothers and they are all drop dead gorgeousThe Return of Rafe MacKadeRafe was the town bad boy before he left over 10 years prior to the start of the book He returns to town as a successful property developer and he buys a big rundown house that had fascinated him as a child He plans to renovate it and turn it into an inn He recruits the help of the h who is an antiue specialist The sparks fly from the beginning but the h isn't sure that she wants than a fling with a man of Rafe's reputation There is an element of the supernatural but it's well handled and didn't bother meThe Pride of Jared MacKadeJared is the second brother and he's a lawyer not interested in helping with the family's farm but he does help out from time to time Jared meets the h and initially she's antagonistic towards him She's tough because she's a single mother who has brought up her child by herself from the age of 16 She doesn't want a relationship and Jared has his work cut out for him Savannah illustrates children's books for a living but she's also an artist but afraid to follow that pathThe Heart of Devin MacKadeThis brother is the local sheriff and he's been in love with the h since they were both teenagers Before he could make his move the h started dating her future husband Her husband Joe is a bully and wife beater and eventually the h is persuaded to lay charges against him and to divorce him The H is always there for the h but she is very afraid to get involved with another man because of her 2 young children This was my least favourite book in the bundle The H had been in love for about 12 years but he loses his temper often The h is also very timid which is understandable There's a little melodrama with the vile ex husband tooThe Fall of Shane MacKadeI didn't expect to enjoy this one because the H is such a player and has been with loads of females At the start of the story he collects the h from the airport for his sister in law He expects to meet a bookish nerd but instead the h is gorgeous She is also extremely intelligent and has several degrees She is taking a break from her career so she can document the ghostly goings on in the town From the outset Shane is fascinated by the h but not ready to fall in love The h is a nerd and inexperienced but determined to change all of that She decides she's going to have a fling with Shane There is a bit of the paranormal in this one but I was ok with it