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How will current trends transform American higher education over the course of the next twenty years?The outlook for the future of colleges and universities is uncertain Financial stresses changing student populations and rapidly developing technologies all pose significant challenges to the nation's colleges and universities In Academia Next futurist and higher education expert Bryan Alexander addresses these evolving trends to better understand higher education's next generation Alexander first examines current economic demographic political i I was unfamiliar with tis author until a colleague suggested I read the bookAlexander is a gifted writer and thinkerI believe every trustee should read this book to better understand the complexities of higher education and where it is goingThe President's cabinet and Faculty leaders would be better informed after reading this bookOne of the very best books I have read everThanksPatrick Sanaghan

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Academia Next The Futures of Higher EducationHnological optionsArguing that the forces he highlights are not speculative but are already in play Alexander draws on a rich extensive and socially engaged body of research to best determine their likeliest outcomes It is only by taking these trends seriously he writes that colleges and universities can improve their chances of survival An unusually multifaceted approach to American higher education that views institutions as complex organisms Academia Next offers a fresh perspective on the emerging colleges and universities of today and tomorr Bryan writes about the complex issues facing higher education institutions in an easily understandable and insightful way Content and format are both excellent

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Download Mobi ☆ Academia Next ¸ The Futures of Higher Education Ù bryan alexander ✓ ❰Download❯ ➼ Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education Author Bryan Alexander – How will current trends transform American higher education Nternational and policy developments as they relate to higher education He also explores internal developments within postsecondary schooling including those related to enrollment access academic labor alternative certification sexual assault and the changing library paying particularly close attention to technological changes Alexander then looks beyond these trends to offer a series of distinct scenarios and practical responses for institutions to consider when combating shrinking enrollments reduced public support and the proliferation of tec I found the first section of the book very well referenced and learned a lot I did not know that others are doing The scenarios for what the university can become are fascinating It would be interesting the year the authors views on how the current need to move all teaching to remoteonline will change higher education in the next couple years