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Big Theolo This is a terrific book for teaching the basics of the gospel to young children Each two page spread has a picture along with a one word heading and a short simple sentence on that topic It covers all the basics of the gospel in a clear direct way It covers God as the creator of people and all things; man being made in the image of God but rebelling against Him and coming under punishment; Jesus living a sinless life being sent into the world to save people dying and taking the punishment for God's people and then rising from the dead; people needing to respond in repentance and faith; and eternal life in heaven for God's people all phrased using clear and uncomplicated language It is an outstanding presentation of the gospel for young children It is hard for me to imagine that there could be a clearer or direct presentationI cannot say enough good things about this book for the purpose of teaching the gospel basics to childrenI have included pictures of all the text pages so that readers can see for themselves what is presented I know I always appreciate knowing what is really being taught in a book on such an important topicEdit Please note that the pictures for some reason are not presented here in the same order as they are in the book In the book the pages are in a logical order

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The Gospel Big Theology for Little HeartsTle Hearts Got our toddler asking uestions about Jesus and offer sound theology for littles We are huge fans

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PDF ✓ BOOK The Gospel ´ DCMDIRECT ↠ [EPUB] ✿ The Gospel (Big Theology for Little Hearts) ❄ Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk Big Theology for Little Hearts Big Theology for Little Hearts.Gy for Lit Our one year old loves this book and will turn the pages to find the praying hands