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REVIEW ´ Baby's Book: The First Five Years (Floral Design) É ➺ [Reading] ➼ Baby's Book: The First Five Years (Floral Design) By Inc. Peter Pauper Press ➯ – With adorable bird and floral art an appealing soft padded cover lots of guided pages in which to write and ample room for phEd with a protective polybag wrapperMeasures '' wide x '' high pagesContentsGreat ExpectationsWelcome to the WorldAll About BabyBabys First YearOne to Two Years OldTwo to Three Years OldThree to Four Years OldFour to Five Years OldBeyond Five Years OldSpecial DaysDear Baby. This book is beautiful I love that I am able to include info about both me and my husband and our families The family tree page is so special and I love the page that lets me record my daughter's weight and height as well as the tooth eruption page Well worth the money

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With adorable bird and floral The First eBook #9734 art an appealing soft padded cover lots of guided pages in which to write and ample room for photos this is the Baby's Book PDF or perfect keepsake for BabySave your photos and record your thoughts from the moment you hea. I originally had a different baby book but ended up not liking it This one I got based on the reviews I wish I had this one first The artwork and colors are very pretty and the pages are all the information you want in a baby bookI wish I could have seen what is generally on the pages because I would have bought it sooner I added pictures for you to reference but it has pages for each month the first year that you can fill out Well my daughter is 11 months so it’s hard to remember certain things that differed from month to month like personality and little things I definitely think this is a great gift or if you are about to have a baby because you can start to fill out each month page as it happens in real timeIt contains•pretty generalized info in the beginning like family info siblings baby shower•then it goes into the baby being born and dr info shots and when teeth grow in you can put the date each one comes in again i don't know exact date any for my daughter when each teeth came in so I wish I this book in the beginning•has month one month two etc on different pages to fill out personality challenges eating habits etc•the end has each year birthday party info up to age 5 and you can put milestones and dates and other cool information for each year which I love

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Baby's Book The First Five Years Floral DesignR the good news through Baby's fifth birthday partyIncludes pages to record Baby's monthly Book The First Epub #219 progress for the first year as well as yearly pages for ages one to five and much Soft padded cover with space to insert Baby's photoBaby book comes gift box. I bought a standard baby book for my daughter and it wasn't until year two that I realized it just didn't capture everything I wish it had Sure that first year is wonderful but so are the rest of them Where do you write about their second Halloween Christmas Potty trainingI started looking for add on books different baby books etc and bought THREE to look at and compare I so so so wish I had had this book from the start It actually breaks my heart how much this book covers that my first one didn't details that I can't possibly remember nowAfter the first year this book DOES back up a little bit You don't need to cover every single month like you used to but it still prompts you about the year in general The stuff it doesn't prompt you about you can write on blank pages within that year I was originally looking for a book that specifically asked about Second Halloween Second 4th of July Christmas etc While this book doesn't specifically ask I realize it has plenty of space to make those entries anywayHere are some examples of the prompts for each year after 1 Birthday party details dates or tidbits about expected milestones handwritings art favorite foodsactivitiestoysfriends things they don't like how to make baby laugh cute sayings personality and space for notes and photosThe end of the book has space for vacations holidays and family gatheringsThe only drawback is that there aren't folders or big pockets