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Carry On Warrior The Power of Embracing Your Messy Beautiful LifeLves to be brave and kind to let go of the idea of perfection and to stop making motherhood marriage and friendship On Warrior The Power of ePUB #182 harder by pretending theyre not hard In this one womans attempt to love herself and others readers will find a wise and witty friend who shows that we can build better lives in our hearts homes and communitie. One of the best books I've ever written A really really superb well written book This author has a gift of really writing from the heart

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Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life Download ✓ 108 ì [Download] ➿ Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life ➻ Join or create book clubs – The first book from the #1 New York Times bestselling author The first book Warrior The PDF #9734 from the New York Times bestselling author of Untamed The inspiring and hilarious instant New York Times bestseller from the beloved writer speaker activist and founder of Momastery Carry On PDFEPUBwhose memoir Love Warrior was an Oprahs Book Club selectionGlennon Doyles hilarious and poignant reflections on our univers. Glennon blogs on momasterycom and her brutally honest accounts of her life brought her popularity then of course a book dealGlennon doesn't give two hoots about what others think She isn't afraid to tell the world she was an alcoholic a drug addict and a bulimic And when she finally got rid of all those toxins in her life and embraced her new found self she was diagnosed with Lyme disease At one point in her life she even got an abortion Then she decided to adopt but her adoption plan fell through due to her background So she adopted a highway instead YupShe also wrote of friends family and strangers who came to her aid when she needed it andor supported her decisions impetuous or not She's very fortunate to be surrounded by people who love her as she isWhat makes her stories stand out to me is definitely her honesty almost too honest to be true sometimes And the fact that she bares her ugly crazy messy life out for all to read is just plain bravery And the world thanked her for that Because of her bravery she gave hope Because of her kindness she shed lightOverall it's a pretty good read with some inspiring messages throughout She can be pretty funny taking the mickey out of Chaos here and there But at times I'm not sure if every detail in her story is true or she's just spicing it up for the sake of readership Like asking a 3 yo to write down what's she feeling I don't know any 3 yo who can write Or when she asked her son to look a bully in the eye Really What if the bully ended up hitting him He's lucky he got off the hook so easily Just my thoughtsWhat I got out of this book Live life with openness and honesty Openness to embrace the challenges and changes that Life offers Make whatever you want out of the lemons Life throws you Be honest and true to yourself Tune out the noise tune in to your voice The voice that tells you right from wrong The voice that only you know is YOU Just do what gives you joy and peace because no matter what yo do people are going to judge anywayIn times of crisis sift the Greek root of the word crisis is 'to sift' as in to shake out the excesses and leave only what's important Eliminate the unwanted keep what mattersNamaste

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Al yet often secret experiences have inspired a social movement by reminding women that theyre not On Warrior The ePUB #185 alone In Carry On Warrior she shares her personal story in moving refreshing and laugh out loud new essays and some of the best loved material from Momastery Her writing invites us to On Warrior The Power of ePUB #182 believe in ourse. After seeing Glennon on Oprah I immediately bought this book for myself and my daughter who is a young mother I understood she was a blogger but didn't uite realize this was a collection of her blog posts or at least it seems like it is which are probably available on her site I did enjoy her writing style and sense of humor especially during the difficult times in life I also appreciated her religious perspectives which were presented in ways that those who might not agree wouldn't feel judged or wrong even though I agreed that's important to me I have been going through multiple traumatic experiences the past 10 years husband's addiction and resulting separation and near divorce and was so inspired by her interview with Oprah I was hoping to get some inspiration as I went through the latest roller coaster breast cancer treatment Aside from Glennon's addiction which she dealt with before becoming a mom and a marital issue that fortunately didn't break them I wish she'd said how or maybe that's her next book it seemed her issues were those of a suburban mom or First World Problems as my kids used to call them I am a suburban mom but not really into some of the materialistic things she is so I didn't really relate to her What I did envy were her ability to make friends and have such close intimate relationships that are real When you are diagnosed with cancer even pre cancer caught early like me people react weirdly You uickly find out who are your real friends and who is willing to have real relationships Unfortunately I found nearly every blood relative wasn't going to be there for me and only had about enough non blood relatives and friends to count on one hand which was enough As a result of their weird reactions I didn't announce it to anyone beyond my inner circles I was so disturbed by the realization that most people don't have or maybe don't know how to have real relationships like Glennon describes I really hoped to learn how to transform my family relationships by making them real because the lack of support was devastating So maybe I had unrealistic goals because I bought this book after her Oprah interview She may be at a completely different place now than when she wrote this and I want to learn from her now as the issues in this book are important ones suburban moms can relate to but they really aren't BIG life issues when you really need good close friends and deep relationships that are real