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text Ì Sense and Sensibility Ð Karen Swallow Prior Read them? Do you know how to read them as a Christian? Through this beautifully designed series bestselling author literature professor and avid reader Karen Swallow Prior will guide y This is a wonderful thoughtful and helpful addition to annotated editions of Austen I left similar thoughts on Karen Swallow Prior’s Heart of Darkness edition but these are fabulously crafted literary editions with insightful discussion uestions and thought provoking essays at the beginning While I’m not teaching S&S this year doing Northanger Abbey instead her introductory info at the beginning about Austen as an author is still beneficial And her discussion uestions have helped shape the direction of what I’m currently developing for NAGrateful for these literary editions All teachers and book lovers should purchase

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read Sense and Sensibility mobi è Kindle ✓ dcmdirect ↠ [PDF] ❤ Sense and Sensibility By Karen Swallow Prior – Sense and Sensibility Frankenstein The Scarlet Letter Youre familiar with these pillars of classic literature You may even be able to rattle off a few uotes but do you reall Ou through a selection of classics She will not only navigate you through the pitfalls that trap readers today but show you how to read them in light of the gospel and to the glory of Go I am kicking my 17 yr old self for brushing off reading this book when it was ony summer reading list Having Prior's teaching in the beginning the uestions at the end of each volume were incredibly helpful Her teaching made this an easy easy read because I had context understanding of the Authors worldview in mind A total game changer Austin's writing was so captivating I read it in no time at allGreat homeschooling resources

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Sense and SensibilitySense and Sensibility Frankenstein The Scarlet Letter Youre familiar with these pillars of classic literature You may even be able to rattle off a few uotes but do you really know how to Sense and Sensibility is not a mere romance novel; Austen's witty and satirical narrative weaves an intricate and captivating story of character development and several dichotomies including self governance and self expression reason and emotion selflessness and self indulgence and the conseuences for each Therefore there is much reflection for the reader Prior's introduction to the work enhances readers' understanding as she describes the style and themes While the main theme of the book – that human beings need both reason and emotion to lead good lives – is timeless she also draws out some of the biblical themes of the story and relates them to modern day life Even in our individual personalities most of us tend toward sense or sensibility Yet the Bible affirms both of these aspects of our humanityWhile Prior claims that Austen was a devout believer it is essential to note that there is little reference to God or religion in the novel However it is rich with themes such as high moral purity self control and reaping the conseuences of sinful behavior Standing opposed to the high moral regard are gossip immorality selfishness and idleness which are treated as negative character attributes Yet the manner in which they are conveyed brings conviction rather than condemnation to the readerThe text itself contains footnotes defining words of antiuity and at the end of each section there is a series of reflection uestions for a in depth analysis of the characters and themes of the story The footnotes provided are helpful especially for the reader who has not extensively read classics from this period while the reflection uestions aid the reader to probe deeper into the characters and storyline Some of the final uestions go further and call the reader to view specific themes and characters in the light of scriptureOverall Prior's work is well done and enhances the readers' understanding and reflection of this timeless work There are some concerns to be noted including the following; The Author Reads More into the Story As an example at one point the author attempts to relate the story to the creation fall redemption narrative However this reads into the account than is there The Author Has A Concerning View About the Christian Mission In her introduction Prior claims that Austen did not sermonize or proselytize in her novels she was too good an artist to do so This is a concerning view suggesting that an artist should not intertwine the gospel with hisher work It would perhaps be accurate to say that it was not Austen's purpose in writingFor those who want to explore deeply the riches of this classic I would recommend this bookDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost to me for the purposes of review However my review was not influenced by the author publisher or anyone else associated with this book and is the result of my reading of it