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reader ✓ Joy Unspeakable ✓ Contemplative Practices of the Black Church â ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church (2nd edition) By Barbara A Holmes ❅ – Joy Unspeakable focuses on the aspects of the Black church thatTions are deeply ensconced within the historical memory of the wider society and can be found in Coltrane's riffs Malcolm's exhortations the social activism of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama The research in this book through oral histories church records and written accounts details not only ways in which contemplative experience is built int Barbara was easy to follow as she guided me through the development of contemplative practices of the black church I work in a women's state prison this book is helping me expand my horizons about contemplation

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Joy Unspeakable focuses on the aspects of the Black church that point beyond particular congregational gatherings toward a mystical and communal spirituality not within the exclusive domain of any denomination This mystical aspect of the black church is deeply implicated in the well being of African American people but is not the focus of their intentional reflection Moreover its tradi This book was a whole education for me and it has made me view everything associatedwith slavery differently I especially appreciate the inclusion of contemplative practicesas they appear in rap tap and other 20th century art forms as well as the biographiesof King Parks etc from a new point of view

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Joy Unspeakable Contemplative Practices of the Black Church 2nd editionO African American collective worship but also the legacy of African monasticism a history of spiritual exemplars and uniue meditative worship practices A groundbreaking work in its original edition Joy Unspeakable now appears in a new revised edition to address the effects of this contemplative tradition on activism and politics and to speak to a new generation of readers and scholars Barbara Holmes challenges a narrow Eurocentric definition of Christian contemplation by examining the full range of contemplative practices of the Black church Contemplation isn't merely stillness or silence; it is whatever roots us inward toward spirit toward wisdom toward an anchor in the best of the traditions of ancestors toward a unity of heart and mind toward an integration of intellect and emotion and actionOur obsession with blamed with the uestion of who is or is not worthy of God's full embrace disrupts the journey For we are not headed toward a single goal we are on a pilgrimage toward the center of our hearts We need only make the contemplative turn to restore our inner sight 200Holmes looks not just to the songs and prayers and culture and Biblical interpretation of the Black church narrowly defined but to the spirituality of social protest movements the wisdom of Black leaders operating outside the sphere of church the syncretism of the Christian tradition meeting African spirituality the expressions of wisdom and heart centeredness of Black musicHolmes' commitment to the wisdom and life of her culture and generosity in sharing it is beautiful Her blending of preservation and welcome of innovation is also unusual This book belongs in any course or journey of Christian spirituality or spiritual direction