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kindle ↠ The RealDeal Bridal Bible Kindle É join or create book clubs É [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Real-Deal Bridal Bible: The Ultimate Wedding Planner to Help You Blush Like a Bride and Plan Like a Bitch By Join or create book clubs – If you are planning a wedding you'll ask yoIt can also be overwhelming And the whole process has a funny way of bringing out the crazy in everyone around you The Real Deal Bridal Bible will prepare you for everything you need to know the REAL things so you can plan the wedding that best reflects you while keeping your sanity finances and relationships intact Whether you are thinking about marriage are engaged or are well past your wedding you will find entertainment and advice in this book which you Real Deal Bridal Bible The Ultimate ePUB #182 can use long after the last dance How I wish I'd had this book to save me back when I got married It's the perfect survival guide for not going insane while planning a wedding Jill Smokler New York Times Bestselling author of Confessions of Hilarious heartfelt brutally honest Happily ever after as well this book truly is the real deal and even if you have been married for 15 years you still need to read it There's no way to plan a wedding without itThe Author is knowledgable sassy & most importantly real You will feel like your friend is smacking common sense into youget this book

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A Scary Mommy When you're ready for the marriage but fear the drama of planning a wedding do yourself a favor and read this book And make sure you stockpile it and do the newly betrothed in your life a favor by making it their very first engagement gift Kim Bongiorno New York Times Bestselling author married since A warm funny engaging and comprehensive guide to planning your big day This book focuses on all aspects of the event and also includes intelligent and insightful commentary about the relationship that the wedding will celebrate Buy for yourself your sister your friend or if you want to be the cool mother in law for your son's fiance Samantha Rodman PhD founder of DrPsychMomcom and author of How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce If you have a wedding in your future this book is a must I have three daughters and ever time one gets engaged i send them a copy The sense of humor will help you get through the many challenges that arise and erupt in the planning of any wedding

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The Real Deal Bridal Bible The Ultimate Wedding Planner to Help You Blush Like a Bride and Plan Like a BitchIf you are planning a Bridal Bible MOBI #242 wedding you'll ask yourself obvious uestions like where would The Real Deal MOBI #181 I like to get married What dress will I wear And where should we honeymoon Real Deal Bridal Bible ePUB #8608 But unexpected little buggers will also pop up such as Why is my bestie acting Real Deal Bridal Bible The Ultimate ePUB #182 like she swallowed four Xanax and washed them down with three mimosas Why does my mom’s face twitch like that when I talk reception ideas How come everyone shares opinions without me asking And upon finding yourself locked in a closet What are the going rates for a room for two at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas Planning a wedding can be a wonderful time in your life but Part of my continuing education program as a wedding planner includes keeping up with the latest wedding inspiration blogs and planning books When I came across Alessandra Macaluso’s “Bitch’s Bridal Bible” I had no idea what to expect given the title First off I was unsure of the target audience – was this a read for the unapologetic bridezilla or a guide on how not to become one Needless to say I was intrigued and uickly bought the Kindle version I soon found out that the book is about the craziness of wedding planningand a whole lot Alessandra Ali does a fantastic job of describing and identifying the proverbial characters and situations that certainly every bride encounters along the wedding planning journey At the same time she provides the reader with a slew of wedding planning tips as well as real world advice designed to help any bride be better prepared for her new lifeThe book is cleverly organized in “Tables” like the ones you will have at your reception venue not literally but you get the point which provide a “floor plan” of common situations you will encounter as soon as you have that sparkling ring on your finger One of my favorite Tables is #2 the “Pre Planning Checklist” According to Ali “While no one wants to invite Debbie Downer to the wedding I wouldn’t be able to present this book to you in its most complete honest form without saving her a seat this table” Another highlight of the book is “The Tough uestions” section which delves into the fundamental issue of whether you and your fiancee are truly made for each otherFor her book Ali interviewed various experts in relationships including marriage counselors therapists and mediators whose must have pearls of wisdom are perfectly sprinkled throughout Ali also passes along personal stories of her own wedding planning ride – many of which are a hoot – as well as the experiences of other couples Topics such as wedding mishaps relationships with in laws and sudden jealous friends will keep you turning the pages with lightning pace oh you’re going to love “Narcy Darcy”For those of who may and probably will at some point find themselves stressed and struggling to deal with people’s antics and not so well intended comments Ali’s advice is simple “Every moment you spend getting annoyed or being upset over something someone else has done or said is a precious moment being taken away from your wedding your life and your happiness” Amen sisterFrom a wedding planner perspective this book is about so much than the logistical decisions and choices facing the bride to be Yes there are helpful and practical tips on preparing for your big day but Ali reminds the reader that a wedding is over in a few hours but a marriage is intended to last a lifetimeIf you’re a bride to be or think you might be at some point down the road give yourself the “Bitch’s Bridal Bible” Need a gift for your newly engaged girlfriend Present her with Ali’s book and know that she’ll laugh her bottom off at times and at others she will give some serious thought to the business of getting married In the end she’ll know you care for her