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Lord Foulgrin's LettersEnemies assessing our weaknesses and strategizing attack Lord Foulgrin's Letters is a Screwtape Letters for our day eually fascinating yet destinctly different a dramatic story with earthly characters setting and plot A creative insightful and biblical depiction of spiritual warfare this bo How do you describe a book that changes your life? Some might think that an audacious uestion to start a book review with but it is the most appropriate uestion I finished reading author Randy Alcorn's Lord Foulgrin's Letters and I feel such a uniue mix of joy sorrow guilt fear awe and yearning This novel inspires such deep contemplation because of the deep issues that it invokes and because of the rarely made insights that it gives usLord Foulgrin's Letters is a modern seuel of sorts to C S Lewis's The Screwtape Letters Alcorn admits that he patterned the work on Lewis's book and in the book the evil tempters reference the shake up that happened when the letters fell into the hands of CSL The premise is the same only instead of only hearing the story of the human subject and his friends from the content of the letters you see a pattern of a short chapter of a page or two followed by a 2 3 page letter Some are shorter or longer than this but overall the book follows this patternIn the book just like with Lewis in Screwtape Alcorn touches on numerous issues that many other authors here in the West do not often talk about He makes clear the very Biblical and thus true reality of a spiritual realm just outside of our senses wherein angels attempt to protect us and demons stalk us mercilessly He also makes clear that just because they know they will lose does not mean that the Devil and his forces will stop Indeed this just makes them bitter against us and desirous of maximum harm against us and through us against our SaviorLike Lewis Alcorn recounts how the seemingly small sins are the ones that can get us in the most trouble Few of us will commit murder but our pride resentments lies and so forth can rob us of our effectiveness for the Lord and maybe keep others away from HimI could go on and on about the areas that Alcorn speaks of be it the phoniness of our modern day anti christs called liberal pastors and multiculturalists the evils of modern culture the nature of love and so much I want to stress instead an aspect that so few books teach but that I am truly thankful that Alcorn covers thoroughlyThose who have read his later book Heaven will not be surprised at how often he covers this theme Heaven is real and though we will worship God eternally it is not to be one eternal time of singing trillions of verses of hymns for all of eternity We will walk with Christ our brothers and sisters in the Lord and angels We will see new wonders We will experience the universe as it was meant to be before Adam sinned and all of us through himYou see Heaven and Hell are real places And I am ashamed to say that I have had the negative view for so long I viewed Heaven as boring when it is the most exciting and wondrous place ever Like CS Lewis I am now beginning to see all the little joys here on earth as mere shadows and fleeting glimpses of the true Joy of Heaven Imagine it every day exploring the cosmos with our fellow believers and our Beloved LordI am now recognizing what a vile little worm I really am God is so much and in so many ways I have failed Him and keep on failing Him I feel such shame but know that He will forgive me and help me He already isI could keep on going but it is hard to describe just how much this novel impacted me I think that the reason is because unlike other so called Christian fiction this book used the Bible extensively so the Holy Ghost spoke to me by it In the end the Bible is the best book and I have seen that reiterated to me by the wonderful words of Alcorn The Lord used this fictional novel imbued with Scriptural uotes and truths throughout to bring me closer to Himself For that I will always be grateful to Mr Alcorn for allowing Jesus to use him in this way and for God and My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving me Amen and Amen Highly Recommended

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Lord Foulgrin's Letters kindle Å Audio CD read Í ➷ Lord Foulgrin's Letters Free ➭ Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk This repack of Randy Alcorn's gripping bestseller delivers us from ignorance of the devil's schemes Foulgrin a high ranking demon instructs his subordinate on how to deceive and desOk will guide readers to Christ honoring counterstrategies for putting on the full armor of God and resisting the devil Alcorn says to win the battle we must know our God know ourselves and know our enemy Lord Foulgrin's Letters in unparalleled and compelling fashion helps us better know eac This is such a good book If you have ever read CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters then you will understand where the format of this book is coming from It is basically Screwtape Letters but in a modern current era

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This repack of Randy Alcorn's gripping bestseller delivers us from ignorance of the devil's schemes Foulgrin a high ranking demon instructs his subordinate on how to deceive and destroy Jordan Fletcher and his family It's like placing a bugging device in hell's war room where we overhear our It reminds me of the screwtape letters for sure But the addition of a story line inbetween the letters is really nice With the storyline there it allows the letters to sound like genuine messages sent from someone to another