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Download The Pocket Stylist Book ñ Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Look ´ [BOOKS] ⚦ The Pocket Stylist: Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Look Author Kendall Farr – A celebrity fashion stylist reveaA celebrity fashion stylist reveals the tricks o I think every woman should own this It’s a great tool for knowing how to dress for your body type no matter what size you are which seems to confound people It’s really helped me understand what looks good on me and what I should steer clear of while shopping This is actually my second copy I misplaced my original one and found it so helpful I ordered it again Definitely worth checking out

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Pull together their own polished individual look The reviewer on com that said Farr `instructs women how to honestly assess their wardrobes and logically pinpoint their individual body type' is right on the money The Pocket Stylist is very useful when it comes to advice on fit measurements accessorising and the uses of tailoring; for these points it is worth the price of purchase It is also written in a friendly tone I find it refreshing that Karr speaks to her readers as if they were individual paying clientsHer advice is solid think primarily of what fits your silhouette and your measurements; determine the right scale for your accessories; use a tailor to get the best fit; if it doesn't fit you perfectly don't wear it These are simple rules but I've never seen a stylish woman who didn't follow them allAbout her proposed body types A B and C fit almost every woman I know of any size So why the other three types which are simply the same silhouette in `plus size'? It would have made sense to add a section for plus sizes in each of the first three types rather than risk implying that plus sized women are some kind of distortion of the originalFarr warns readers against prominently displaying logos and initials not the bearer's own special thanks for thatBut she sure likes the classics Hermes scarves Vuitton handbags etc Many women may find this off putting from a book that promises to help you find your own style I suppose her priority is to raise people's standards and steer them towards good choices After all people with a very developed sense of style don't need this book in the first place But Farr should have explained WHY the 'iconic' handbags she mentions ARE 'iconic' It may be obvious to a self confessed bagaholic like herself but being unenlighted I don't see why a sturdy plain tote with a wide shoulder strap is any worse than a Hermes Birkin real or fakeFarr says 'scarves are often overlooked' and then proceeds to dismiss them in half a page How about showing us good ways to wrap a scarf? There are plenty and the various seffects are very different She also dismisses hats in half a page and yet hats can have such an impact on one's look Diamonds on the other hand merit over a pagewhat are they even doing in this book?The lists Farr provides of brands and online shopping sources are of some use to those of us living in Europe though the shops and specialists are only of interest if you live in the US or rather in New YorkI suggest the publishers include metric conversion in the next edition for Canadian and European readersI think the book could usefully include information on how to establish what the right colours are for you after all it can make a big difference to your look Having undergone a colour consultation myself I discovered that the trick is to sit near a good source of sunlight wipe off all makeup frame face with perfectly white cloth and hold up various colours look at your face NOT the colour you're holding up to check whether they make you look alert or tired shadows on your face Decide between cool and warm tones Silver or gold? Pink or orange? and between strong contrasts or blends of similar tonesThe drawings are themselves stylish though I would have liked of them Info on makeup and hair is minimal but useful The book sometimes assumes too much knowledge of clothing accessory terminology I would have appreciated a glossaryThe advice on storing cleaning and organising clothes is succinct but good The format of the book is excellent sturdy and handy enough to take along on shopping trips And with Farr's help you'll be able to tell what fits without trying it on

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The Pocket Stylist Behind the Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own LookF her trade and shows women of all sizes how to I am a WardrobePersonal Stylist and this book has very valuable information on learning about personal style as well as what looks great on different body types I was wondering if the info provided would work today being that the book was published in 2004 but the content is very much relevant It's gave me confidence to dress different body types and the industry of fashion