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The wide ranging and largely misunderstood Campaign Volume ePUB #9734 series of operations around Petersburg Virginia were the longest and most extensive of the entire Civil War The fighting that began in early June when advance elements from the Union Army of the Potomac crossed the James River and botched a series of attacks against The Petersburg ePUB #182 a thinly defended city would not end for nine long months This importantmany would say decisivefighting is presented by legendary Civil War author Edwin C Bearss in The Petersburg Campaign The Eastern Front Battles JuneAugust the first in a ground breaking two volume compendiumAlthough commonly referred to as the Siege of Petersburg Petersburg Campaign Volume ePUB #8608 that city as well as the Confederate capital at Richmond was never fully isolated and the c. The annals of Civil War study tend to look towards the beginning of the war until the fateful days in July at Gettysburg and Vicksburg There is no doubt that most written works surround themselves around those campaigns before the apex of the Union and the downfall of the Confederacy The study of the war past those fateful campaigns are less looked at but no Ed Bearss and Bryce Suderow have brought to light something uite different in the study of the Petersburg Campaign the longest running siege in the Civil War Edwin Bearss is one of the most respected Civil War historians of our age and got his start at the Vicksburg National Military Park From there he has stretched himself all around the Civil War world as an authority on the campaigns and the people A Marine who has served in World War II he was severely wounded in the Pacific From 1981 to 1994 he served as Chief Historian to the National Park Service and has authored many works and was pivotal to raising the USS Cairo Bryce Suderow is a Civil War writer and researcher and has published many articles and is considered one of the finest archivists in the country If it were not for Suderow this work might never have come to light Ed Bearss was approached to write essays about the battles during the Petersburg Campaign for use of the park service in Virginia This work is the collection of essays he wrote concerning the battles of the eastern front during the campaign Keeping in mind that these essays were written for the guides at Petersburg National Military Park Bearss does not waste any time giving the introductions for the people involved in the battle He jumps right into the story assuming that the reader knows something about them already Suderow however gives some introduction as to what was going on and what had happened One of the helpful things in the narrative is the breakaway which sometimes happens During the narrative of Bearss and his essays Suderow sometimes interrupts and fills the reader in as to what is going on This is helpful for the readers who are not as well versed in the war after the summer of 1863 This lack of introduction makes it seem as though the book is not an easy read and that is wrong Though Bearss spends no time telling you the background of the people and regiments who are fighting the battle there is no need to have that information because of the narrative Bearss writing style is such that he allows the narrative to bring you into the time of battle not focusing on the past of the people in play The Petersburg Campaign Volume I Eastern Front Battles is something which should be on the shelves of every Civil War Historian or enthusiast Both the narratives of Bearss and the editorials of Suderow bring to light many engagements about the Petersburg Campaign which are generally ignored The annals of Civil War history will be grateful for what has been done here in this book and the coming volume The combination of Bearss and Suderow should be praised for the work they have done What was first as set of essays for use at the Petersburg National Military Park for park use is now printed for the public so that they may know the detail of the events not usually written about in the standard history book on the Civil WarMatthew Bartlett Author Gettysburg Chronicle

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The Petersburg Campaign Volume 1 The Eastern Front Battles June August 1864Ombat involved muchthan static trench warfare In fact much of the wide ranging fighting involved large scale Union offensives designed to cut important roads and the five rail lines feeding Petersburg and Richmond This volume of Bearss Petersburg Campaign Volume 1 The PDFEPUBstudy of these major battles includesThe Attack on Petersburg June The Second Assault on Petersburg JuneThe Battle of the Jerusalem Plank Road JuneThe Crater July The Battle of the Weldon Railroad AugustThe Second Battle of Reams Station August Accompanying these salient chapters are original maps Petersburg Campaign Volume 1 The PDFEPUBby Civil War cartographer George Skoch together with photos and illustrations The result is a richer and deeper understanding of the major military episodes comprising the Petersburg CampaignAbout the Authors Ed. I am surprised an historian of Bearss' stature would produce a work almost exclusive told from only side I am sure the availability of records is involved but nonetheless it results in a biased account

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Read The Petersburg Campaign. Volume 1: The Eastern Front Battles, June - August 1864 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [PDF] ✐ The Petersburg Campaign. Volume 1: The Eastern Front Battles, June - August 1864 ✑ Join or create book clubs – DcmdWin C Bearss is a world renowned military historian author and tour guide known for his work on the American Civil War and World War II Ed a former WWII Marine wounded in the Pacific Theater served as Chief Historian of the National Park Service from to and is the author of dozens of books and articles He discovered and helped raise the Union warship USS Cairo which is on display at Vicksburg National Military ParkBryce A Suderow is a Civil War writer and researcher living in Washington DC He received his BA at Knox College and earned a Masters in American History at Sonoma State University His Masters' Thesis Thunder in Arcadia Valley was published in Univ of Missouri Bryce has also published many articles in a number of Civil War periodicals and is recognized as one of the finest archival researchers working toda. Excellent book by the preeminent American Civil War Historian and with Bryce Suderow an outstanding researcher makes for an excellent edition to one's Civil War library