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Her job at Portland Maines child services agency its frustrations have left her feeling burned out and restless Shes ready The Tiger Kindle to join her carefree sister Juniper and start a seaside bakery celebrating and serving lifes sweetness for a changeThen the call comes a five year old girl has been found at the side of the road She reveals that her first name is Hayley but littleThe only clues to her family lead to a s. I cannot recommend this book enough You will eat it upThe Tiger in the House followed Delia a social services worker who is winding up her last few weeks at work before opening up a bakerycafe with her younger sister Juniper or J Bird who were orphaned when they were 19 and 13 Their parents including their schizophrenic father died in a fire set presumably by their dadDelia is a compassionate social services worker caring deeply about the kids she oversees not wanting any of them to fall through the crack And that is why she is leaving Working in the system is hard seeing kids and their families is tough After a while it wears on you Before she gets too complacent Delia wants out and what better reason than opening a cafe with her sister JuniperHer last case is tough little Hayley is lost and cannot tell them what she has seen or what she knows even with the aid of a wonderful foster mom and her delightful cat She was found covered in blood 3 bodies left behind in a house not far from where was discovered Who are they What were they doing there Where are Hayley's parents It is hard to get kids to talkespecially when they are traumatized Kids regress uickly and Delia and her company have to work carefully in order not to cause the girl painHelping her is a gorgeous detective Mike Moretti her boss Ira and Hayley's foster mom Erica If only all foster parents could be like Erica Foster care would be not uite so bad a place for the thousands of kids that enter into it every yearWhile everything with Hayley is going on Delia's ex boyfriend from childhood Tyler has returned He moved away shortly after the fire and Delia hasn't seen or heard from him sinceMoretti thinks the deaths are related to drugs sending Delia off on an adventure that will forever change the lives of everyone she knowsThis book is wonderful Foster care and social services gets a bad rap and this shows the good side of it Of course there is a bad side but it is not easy work for anyone the foster parents the social workers and especially the kids who have it the hardest of allI look forward to reading of Sheehan's work

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The Tiger in the HouseHadowy web of danger that reaches closer to Delia herself than she would ever guessAs she seeks to discover where Hayley belongs Delia is forced to reexamine her own painful history With no guide but her own flawed instincts Tiger in the MOBI #240 Delia must decide how deep to venture into the unknown whether in shaping the destiny of the child who has no one else to turn toor in exploring the fierce dark corners of her own so. I read this for a book club Easy predictable romantic mystery Every story line was neatly wrapped up by the end

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Free download The Tiger in the House ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Tiger in the House Author Jacqueline Sheehan – The Tiger in the House is teeming with excitement and heart stirring emotion A natural storyteller Sheehan will draw you in with her finely cThe Tiger in the PDF #8608 in the House is teeming with excitement and heart stirring emotion A natural storyteller Sheehan will draw you in with her finely crafted characters and hold you tight until the very end Heather Gudenkauf Love and resentment fear and hope intersect for two sisters as their desire to help an abandoned child forces them to face their past and decide their future Delia Lamont has had it Though she loves. I’ve been a big fan of Jacueline Sheehan’s work for many years and can easily say that Tiger in the House is her best yet What a thrilling story full of the most wonderful characters and rich relationships It is a novel of rapid page turning suspense from the beginning to the very end with several totally unexpected twists that caused me than once to gasp and say “wow” out loudWithin this very compelling plot Sheehan introduces us to a cast of fully etched lovable and not so lovable characters who are realistic down to earth people whom we could easily know and love in the real world We get to know them in their every day lives even as they are being driven by desperate circumstancesAnd as she so often does Sheehan introduces us to some delightful animal characters as well without whom the story wouldn’t be as rich Indeed the animals are amongst the heroes in the plot Ahhh BaxterSheehan brings much than characters and plot to her beautiful tale Our noses pick up on the scents of bakeries the sea shore fear and comfort Our ears are reminded of the sounds of ocean waves sirens car crashes and children’s voices Our bodies react to the descriptions of wounds drugs the feel of a shower or the sweetest human touchesAnd if that weren’t enough it all comes together with language both poetic and groundedYes I loved this book I would have easily read it in one long sitting if my life allowedSo if you’ve got a blizzard or a long flight coming get this book and settle in Otherwise be prepared to regret having to put it down for even a few hoursIt’s wonderful