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Bullyocracy doc ½ How the Social Hierarchy Enables Bullies to Rule Schools read ☆ join or create book clubs ¾ ❰Reading❯ ➾ Bullyocracy: How the Social Hierarchy Enables Bullies to Rule Schools, Work Places, and Society at Large Author JoinBestselling author Donald Jeffries turns his critical eye onto the topic of bullying to show how teachers principals and other school officials invariably side with the bullies in the most egregious cases instead of protecting the victims He also shows how many so called anti bullying activists and nearly Donald Jeffries details a problem in society that may well be without any solution He cites countless cases of people humiliated scorned and physically harmed by people who apparently think they are entitled to do so The book is well researched and he took the time to speak to victims and families of victims One point I got from the book is that the structure for bullies to excel at what they do is formed by high school The stars athletes and cheerleaders mostly the fans who want to be popular and the rest of us who muddle through four years like a prison sentence It was only years later when I volunteered to serve on a reunion committee that I realized that no one liked high school and that the only really cool thing to do is to help other people

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Battled a system that logically should have been working for them some of whom lost a child to bullycide the term for children who kill themselves over bullying His investigation into what has become one of the most talked about issues in America is as explosive and controversial as anything he has writte This is absolutely one of the most outstanding books I have read documenting the various pillars of our society that exhibit bullying He doesn’t just talk about the school system He explains about our culture of bullying reaching its tentacles to the rising police state and increase in work place bullying ever since the 2008 recession just to name a few A must read if you want to really understand what has happened to our civilization

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Bullyocracy How the Social Hierarchy Enables Bullies to Rule Schools Work Places and Society at LargeAll the professional experts excuse bullying and in fact laud sociopathic behavior in general As Jeffries demonstrates this curious phenomenon is due to the power and influence of the social hierarchy and it revolves to a great extent around the enduring popularity of sports Jeffries talked to parents whod Just as we are now ordered to avoid crowds as we endure the coronavirus pandemic or accurately described by Don Jeffries as the Plandemic we should avoid them for another reason; you can almost always find a bully in every crowd I have enjoyed Don's three other most recent masterpieces and received an education with all of them I'm guessing he gives close to two hundred examples and I must admit this one was a tough book to get through because in probably 99% of the examples the poor victim not the perpetrator was the loser Jeffries focuses freuently on the weaknesses of school administrators and teachers At one point Jeffries asks how all those zero tolerance policies can ever result in these draconian measures when the students are charged with real often violent offenses I found the last chapter on Trump very thought provoking in showing our US President Trump is an all time huge as Trump would call it bully Had the author wrote for just a couple of months I'm sure he would have had just as interesting a narrative for Biden also Just as in Survival of the Richest Don shows that there is a power elite hierarchy in our country that is being fed by our leaders and until we demand a level playing field for all involved parties we will not have a palatable justice system that we all can live with