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review The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell 103 ☆ ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell Author Join or create book clubs – The Perfect Gift for any Vietnam Veteran A Portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to the National League of POWMIA FamiThe Perfect Gift for any Vietnam and The PDF #10003 Veteran A Portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to the National League of POWMIA FamiliesRules are made for people who aren't willing to make up their own Chuck YeagerFor Ed Sykes aka World's Greatest Fighter Pilot saying something is impossible only makes him want to do itThe Patch The Patch MOBI #181 and The Stream Where the American Fell tell his inspiring story of never giving up whether that be achieving his dream of being a fighter pilot or fulfilling the oath Leave No Man Behind This true story will take its readers all over the United States and South East Asia as it recounts the events in the author's Patch and The PDFEPUB #191 life as well as those of the military men and women serving the United States Air Force during The Vietnam War He also delves into the often overlooked damage done to those who must function on the sidelines The casualties of war are not only those that take place on the battlefield And what ha. Col Sykes does an amazing job of describing the feel of strapping a fighter jet to your back in this book His exploits to earn The Patch show a dedication to service and achieving a goal that most people do not have the intestinal fortitude to see through The author of this book did everything possible to achieve his goal of earning The Patch despite being seemingly robbed politically of the honor but he also uses his tenacity and persistence to achieve another goal one that is much selfless I was completely amazed at the time energy and guts that Col Sykes showed to find remains of his fallen wartime roommate Is Col Sykes really the World's Greatest Fighter Pilot He says so and so does his fighter pilot son Nonetheless Col Sykes is an American Hero Thank you for what you did for your friend and his family sir

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The Vietnam War years earlier Ed Sykes begins a new battle to bring home the unrecovered remains of a fallen brother He also seeks out the woman whose grief stricken pleas had never been forgotten The author races against time and the memories of those who’d witnessed that fateful day Traveling through Laos he is aided by his trusty guide Phet as they encounter interesting personalities including a village chief and a few shady characters hoping to monetize his single minded uestAuthor Bio Ed Sykes aka the “World’s Greatest Fighter Pilot” grew up dreaming about flying In he fulfilled that dream when he received his pilot wings Following a combat tour in an F he continued to fly fighters including the F and the F finishing up his career as the Kansas Air National Guard Unit Commander of the th Tactical Fighter Group He now manages his little “ranch” in Kansas raising cattle hogs chickens and other furry critters Sykes and his wife of years Mary have four children and grandchildre. Very interesting story by a USAF fighter pilot’s Vietnam era experience and his uest to find and recover the body of his downed pilot buddy’s body 30 years later A well written riveting story

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The Patch and The Stream Where the American FellPpens later when time Patch and The Stream Where eBook #204 has passed but the memories remain What should a year old fighter pilot do when he realizes he has onemission that hasn't been completed There really is only one thing to do Strap in and take off on an adventure no one thinks will Patch and The Stream Where eBook #204 be anything other than a crash and burn Afterburner Now Back Cover The Patch represents a uest for an elusive symbol of manhood daredevil ambition and the unwavering courage of fighter pilots from the Vietnam era It also focuses on what happens when a smart and capable female intelligence officer enters the scene so long dominated by a fraternity of men Two people are caught in a Catch only to find that fate has a different plan for them the timing of which is both tragic and ironicThe Stream Where the American Fell delves into the author’s uest to make good on our nation’s promise to its warriors “Leave No Man Behind” Still haunted by his friend’s death in. Everyone has a story and I'm glad that Ed decided to share his with us He went above and beyond what was expected but then he always did Thank you Ed for all your efforts to bring home a fallen comrade There is great detail in much of his story but it is needed to grasp the entire picture As a former F 105 pilot I recommend this to all who flew missions and to those interested in how it really transpired