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CHARACTERS Lonely Planet Stockholm Encounter ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í ➜ [Epub] ❧ Lonely Planet Stockholm Encounter By Join or create book clubs ➦ – What Will Your Stockholm Encounter BeWandering the cobbled lanes of Gamla Stan the city's 11th century birthplacTaurants shops and entertainmentUniue itineraries from keeping your budget under control to embracing the city during its Nordic winter chillLocals share their insights a gallery owner on where to find the best new artists a bartender on Sweden's drinking dens and a local blogger's loves and hates. I found myself in Stockholm with this book wondering what the hell to do with myself Over the years I have found Lonely Planet books lifesavers but I found the maps small and unhelpful and the content wishy washy I did read negative reviews on this product but being the bloody minded chap that I am took no notice as I trust the Lonely Planet publications This is by far the worst one I’ve used – and I’ve bought a few I’ll just put this down to a rare blip on their part because in the main the LPs are good books

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DF ArtPicking up some new threads at trendsetting Acne's flagship storeZipping around the Baltic Sea on a RIB Rigid Inflatable BoatDiscover Twice The City in Half The TimeFull color pull out map and detailed neighborhood maps for easy navigationOur expert author recommends the very best sights res. I bought this book prior to vacationing in Stockholm I am still in the Stockholm area and this book is ALWAYS with me In fact I have decided to move here not because of the book of course but I think I will continue to use it regularly when I return for a permanent stay The format of the book makes it very easy to navigate through Stcokholm which is made up of several islands The book is broken up into these islandsneighbourhoods but has an overview map and description at the front so it's very complete Also it should be noted that the size of the book is perfect small and easy to carry but still packed with information Have fun in Stockholm AND carry comfy shoes so you can really enjoy the city by foot Wow it's beautiful

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Lonely Planet Stockholm EncounterWhat Will Your Stockholm Encounter BeWandering the cobbled lanes of Gamla Stan the city's th century birthplaceSampling a cloudberry truffle at ChokladfabrikenPondering pygmy marmosets at the open air Skansen museumSavoring fika coffee and cake in the barrel vaulted cellar of Café Lonely Planet P. This book was published in Sept 2007 so if you are reading it after a new edition comes out perhaps things have changed The best thing about this book is its compact size which makes it easy to tote with you We I and a partner were in Stockholm for five weeks for a sort of working vacation and had it with us every day so that we could make plans uickly if we found ourselves with extra time Mostly that worked well A bigger book would have been a drag to carry around and this one has the key info you need to find things to do descriptions maps opening times and prices It is divided into descriptions by neighborhood and within each neighborhood describes the categories of see shop eat drink and play Each neighborhood section begins with a small map of that neighborhood with all of the places of interest marked In addition the book comes with a bigger pull out map of all of StockholmMy rating for the book is not higher because of a couple of errors that cost us valuable time and because overall the maps aren't as good as they should be First the maps The pull out map in the back of the book is of low uality budget paper not made to last hard to read doesn't include all street names The neighborhood maps are useful for pinpointing locations of things to do but you often need a better map to then navigate your way there We got a much better map free in our hotel it had glossy paper that held up better to constant use and was much readable Unfortunately we didn't have the better map with us one day when we went to a movie and on the Lonely Planet map the theater was incorrectly placed This caused a lot of needless walking back and forth and caused us to choose between either cutting short our planned meal or missing the film we finally found the theater on the other side of the street and down the road from where it was marked It hadn't moved recently so this was just a map errorMy biggest problem with the book though is that the opening hours listed for Skansen Stockholm's open air museum are misleading This is a major tourist destination and there's not much excuse for getting the hours wrong The hours are listed for mid June to August when we were there as 10 to 10 We got there at 7 pm expecting to spend 3 hours and were told now you know all the shops are closed right Of course we didn't know since Lonely Planet didn't tell us All of the little shops where you can watch artisans at work etc close at 5 pm You can indeed pay to get in and walk around until 10 pm but you will be walking around looking at closed up buildings And I suppose you can see the animals Since we had gone to some inconvenience to get there two bus rides plus the subway needless to say this was a big disappointmentA minor annoyance about this book is that its overly cleverhip tone can be tiresome sometimes objective straightforward description would be preferable Another issue is that because the book is organizaed by neighborhoods the degree to which there is homogeneity within each neighborhood is exaggerated seemingly in order to draw contrasts between them For example Sodermalm is described as a latte laced mix of experiemental art gritty bars and retro chic This is accurate for parts of Soder but certainly not all or even most of it Sometimes the writing style is downright offensive; for example the Jewish Museum is described as a kosher little museum with nifty pull out display cabinets which cover everything from the Holocaust to Torah silverware The juxtapositioning of the term nifty with Holocaust is gratingFor all of its limitations though this was the single most useful of the three StockholmSweden guides I purchased since all had their pros and cons It's just that it could have so easily been better If hotels and tourist info shops can provide such great maps for free why can't Lonely Planet get one for their book In fact they can the maps in the Lonely Planet Dublin book are SO much better