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READ & DOWNLOAD Í Homage to Catalonia Ù [Download] ➺ Homage to Catalonia Author George Orwell – Orwell's personal account of his experiences and observations in the Spanish Civil War Orwell's personal account of his experiences and observations in the Spanish Civil War.Orwell's personal account of. Few wars in history have attracted the interest of literary celebrities than the Spanish Civil War 1936 1939 In addition to Orwell who actually fought in the war Hemingway and Emma Goldman famously covered it Almost no war however is both pivotal to 20th century history and less understood by young and old alike todayThat it was a complicated war is a profound understatement While it was on the surface a face off between the Nationalists and the Republicans the participants represented a dizzying array of political affiliations—fascists anarchists socialists revolutionaries communists and an impressive contingent of foreigners generally supportive of Western democrat principlesMore famous for “Animal Farm” and “1984” both of which were written later this might be Orwell’s most insightful book Contrary to other great writers who gained profound insight through their genius Orwell gained his insight through his unwavering realism and ability to see things for what they are The realism is so candid in fact that you will laugh out loud in places where other authors might make you sigh in despairIn this case he dispels the romanticism of war and the idealism of communism While the intelligentsia around the world were debating the lofty ideals of the proletarian struggle the democratic ideal and the dignity of all men Orwell points out life in the trenches is far less political The priorities there are warmth sustenance and if you’re lucky a useable weaponFranco and the NationalistsFascists won the war Orwell ultimately concludes not for any ideological reason but for the simple reason that they had better weapons and a robust supply chain thanks to the support of Italy and Germany The Republic enjoyed no foreign support other than that of Russia ironically enough but the Russian agenda was ultimately not Spain but the Stalinist brand of communismThis is I believe a hauntingly relevant portrayal with different names of the current political situation in much of the West The diversity and range of our political tribes and sub tribes is mystifying to say the least In the US for example there are the never Trump conservatives the traditional conservatives the centrists the liberals the progressives the socialists and of course the TrumpersAll of these tribes however are defined by romantic ideals in much the same way that the parties to the Spanish Civil War were Seldom however do those ideals touch down in the reality people actually face in their day to day lives And it is this disconnect I believe that is at the heart of the anger frustration and resulting hostility the US is experiencing today Ideals are not realitySometimes as in this book it is the mundane and simple aspects of reality that give rise to the most profound idealism That is certainly the case here where Republican soldiers at the front were cooperating and forging connections between tribes while their counterparts far removed from the fighting were literally killing each other based on minor and little understood or relevant differences in ideology that few people could even articulateOrwell wrote a masterpiece and he wrote it well and I strongly suggest you indulge in it It is a much contemporary story than you might expect

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His experiences and observat. I don't usually read history books That being said I did truly enjoy this book It is Orwell's memoir of the Spanish Civil War of fighting Franco and of the people he met and fought alongside It is part memoir part analysis of the times the politics the people and how it all came together to create the conditions that led to the fighting in Spain Orwell paints vivid pictures of the people the conditions and the feelings that led to events He provides analysis of the events in memoir as he experienced it and then afterward using hindsight and additional facts to provide a clearer view of the events Some of the lessons Orwell learned translate well to our own times and politics It was an interesting and thought provoking read

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Homage to CataloniaIons in the Spanish Civil War. If you've read 1984 and Animal Farm and want of the same author's superb prose this book is worth your time Non fiction like The Road to Wigan Pier unlike that book this one focuses on a struggle outside Britain the Spanish Civil War a conflict that nowadays tends to be relegated to a footnote in history So if you are unfamiliar with the events and participating factions let George Orwell be your guide His descriptions of his experiences including a serious neck wound are intentionally unsparing and designed to strip away any glamour attached to war and highllight both the periodic brutality and routine sualor Highly recommended