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HEBREW in 10 minutes a day® with CD ROMN easy steps by essential categories Sticky Labels for home and officeReady made Flash CardsCut out Menu Gu. nice for what it doesdoes not help if you want to learn to read the Bible

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HEBREW in minutes 10 minutes MOBI #245 a day Book page illustrated workbookFull color throughoutOrganized i. I bought this book recently and it's actually very good I agree with what someone else wrote on here regarding the transliterations in English But it's still a very useful book I've been using it so far and I already can tell the difference I feel confident reading in Hebrew and I'm reading slightly faster than I was before I know that when I finish this book I'll be reading fairly well considering I practice every day I haven't used the CD ROM just yet as I haven't had the time but I've been spending about 10 15 minutes every day with the book and trying to learn how to write and read I also practice using my siddur and I'm getting there I feel like I'm getting better at it I do recommend this book for people who want to learn basics uickly I think the book definitely delivers what it promises

read HEBREW in 10 minutes a day® with CD-ROM

HEBREW in 10 minutes a day® with CD-ROM review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰Read❯ ➪ HEBREW in 10 minutes a day® with CD-ROM Author Kristine K Kershul – Dcmdirect.co.uk HEBREW in 10 minutes a day Book132 page illustrated workbookFull color throughoutOrganized in 25 easy steps by esseIdePronunciation GuideOver Free WordsGlossary of over new words definitions and HEBREW in PDF pronunciation. This book is well structured You can say it is a book and an exercise book in the same time You practice to write everything you learn It is funny and easy to learn The Hebrew is vowelized meaning with Hatnuot or nikud in other words the dots and dashes above the letters that help in pronunciation Vowelized Hebrew books are perfect for a beginnerintermediate level If you are beginner in Hebrew or any Semitic language Arabic Syriac Aramaic etc don't buy any book without vowels These books claim that in newspapers on streets panels in TV etc vowels are not used That is ridiculous Non vowelized Hebrew is adeuate for an advanced level not a beginner levelI hope my review was objective and helpful I should mention that there is many pronunciation systems of Hebrew Sephardic Yemenite Ashkenazi etc This book is Sephardic Spanish pronunciation which is the most common The most common does not mean the most correct or nearer to the original Hebrew Maybe you are a kabalistic person or whatever It is better to invest considerable time on pronunciation of Hebrew and familiarize yourself with different systems so that you can understand when someone is speaking Yeminite Hebrew per example You can do it on YouTube which is unfortunately till now the best place The Ain letter is pronounced as in Arabic Ain ع not as in the book Khet in sephardicmizrahi system is pronounced as ح in Arabic or ܚ in Syriac both languages I am familiar with Invest in Pronunciation before anything else grammar etc Unfortunately Google Translate till now October 2015 don't have the listen feature for Hebrew and have it for everything else Why I have no idea so YouTube and forvocom will be an option for you although not optimalLast remark Handwritten Hebrew is not taught in this book