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RomanceJesus Triumphant willShow the spiritual warfare hidden from mortal eyes of Christ’s victory over the principalities and powersTell the story of Christ’s descent into Hades to free the captives and proclaim triumph to the bound angels from Noah’s dayMaintain respect for the Biblical text while filling in gaps with Biblical imaginationOn The Age Appropriateness Of The NovelsThis Biblical Fiction series is rated PG appropriate for mature teens and above similar to the Bible and The Lord of the Ring. Wow not what I expected but so powerful and neat perspective Even though this is Biblical fiction and lots of story line filled in it still offers a visual in my mind to round out the powerful 'reclaiming of inheritance' that took place with Jesus' death For years it has bothered me that pastors don't delve into and teach about the critical spiritual battle and events that took place in those 3 days after Jesus physical death It seems we talk crucifixion butt kicking that Satan and his fallen 'watchers' endured at the hands of GodChrist once Jesus physically died That spiritual warfare is THE key Brian Godawa's story telling version of this is so juicy to read knowing God absolutely blind sided the enemy I am a long time Christian and this genre of Biblical fiction only complements the Word Nothing I've read in this series alarmed me or seemed to contradict or twist scripture This series offers a very vivid picture of real people and real spiritual warfare and if anything will send you back into the Bible to study it deeper with this new vivid picture in your mind's eye LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Jesus Triumphant Chronicles of the NephilimA Novel of Christ’s Victory Over the PowersThe story of Christ like you’ve never heard it beforeTold through the eyes of the two thieves on the cross and the spiritual warfare hidden from mortal men but seen by Mary MagdaleneIt starts with the temptation in the desert by Satan and ends with Christ’s descent into Hades his resurrection and his ascensionWhat happened to Jesus when he died What did he do in Hades those three days Who were the train of captives in his ascension Now you’ll find outThe sto. This book helped to bring the Bible even alive for me The characters are so real just like living breathing people You can feel how they must have felt This is the kind of novel I like to read One that is based on truth comes alive like watching a 3D movie and yet fills out the empty spaces of how it was Or at least how it probably was I've always known there was to the Bible than what I was taught in Sunday school and at church And yet people would get upset when I ask uestions They wanted to know how dare I ask uestions It's real simple people God gave me a mind to think with and to ask uestions I ask Him uestions all the time and I get answers although it might be a while before He answers That is usually because He wants me to search out the answers Look in school you wouldn't learn if the teacher always told you the answer instead of teaching you how to figure it out for yourself When I can't figure it out then He either answers or gives me hints as to how andor where to get my answers; most of which are in the Bible But you need a concordance to look up the words in their original languages I prefer Strong's and I prefer a KJV Bible But that is just my personal preference

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Jesus Triumphant (Chronicles of the Nephilim) review  103 Ö ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Jesus Triumphant (Chronicles of the Nephilim) Author Brian Godawa – A Novel of Christ’s Victory Over the PowersThe story of Christ like you’ve never heard it beforeTold through the eyes of the two thievRy of Jesus Christ is told in the context of the Biblical motif of Messiah taking back the inheritance of the nations from the principalities and powersWhen it comes to spiritual warfare Jesus was no pacifistJesus Triumphant is the eighth book of the series Chronicles of the Nephilim a biblical epic story of the fallen angelic Watchers and their offspring the Nephilim giants of Genesis Written by respected Christian and best selling Biblical author Brian GodawaBible History Biblical Fiction Action Adventure. Jesus Triumphant is my favorite in the series The Chronicles of the Nephilim as the scattered pieces of history and disconnected Sunday School stories and sermons come together like a giant jigsaw puzzle to finally FINALLY make sense and elicit deep emotion and gratitude for what God has done All of the what about uestions I have ever raised about angels demons miracles idols Jewish culture paganism sin and redemption have been beautifully and thoroughly addressed in this string of exciting page turning stories that motivate me to visit my Bible often and give me much deeper insight into the Spiritual meaning and power and consistency of God's word Even than creativity and word crafting with which Brian Godawa is brilliantly gifted the trustworthy logical research in the appendices assures me that I have invested uality time absorbing these books to which I have become increasingly addicted