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Tyrant: Rise of the Beast (Chronicles of the Apocalypse) Free read Ý 109 É ❰Read❯ ➲ Tyrant: Rise of the Beast (Chronicles of the Apocalypse) Author Brian Godawa – Dcmdirect.co.uk The Origin Story of the Book of RevelationWhat in the world was going on when John had his visions of apThe Origin Story of the of the PDF #198 Book of RevelationWhat in the world was going on when John had his Tyrant Rise eBook #200 visions of apocalypseAncient Rome AD Alexander a Jewish doctor loyal to Rome has his life turned upside down Rise of the MOBI #238 when the evil emperor Nero Caesar launches a horrific persecution of ChristiansWhen Nero discovers that an apostle has written a secret apocalypse about the end of the world he orders a Roman warrior to hunt down the scroll destroy it and kill the authorBut a bold Christian woman named Cassandra holds a dark secre. In full disclosure I was asked by Mr Godawa to be part of a team that was given an advanced copy of the book in order to provide an unbiased review Further I did actually pay money for the resultant work so everything is on the up and up hereIt is highly likely that this book is one of Mr Godawa's finest You can never underestimate the power that a screenwriter can bring to what is otherwise dry historical accounts and turn the thing into an exceptionally compelling workHowever from the get go I would actually rate this novel at least a PG 13 Mr Godawa confronts a number of issues in the book most of which are sociologically controversial all in an attempt to show us the reader that ancient Rome and surrounding areas were dealing with the same types of issues that we deal with todayDon't believe that It's really interesting I'd estimate that a good third of the book is taken up with historical notes that are meticulously tied back to where they're used in each chapter In other words as you're reading through the book at the moment you'd think that Mr Godawa is making something up he links to a historical factRegarding theology and eschatology there really is nothing threatening here unless you're so tied down to a particular end times interpretation that you refuse to see any other interpretations And if that's you I have news for you Any intellectually honest theologian is going to tell you that all such futuristic prophecies begin falling apart at some pointWhy is this Think about this if what is fictionalized in this work and the previous Chronicles books is based on reality and the supernatural is arguably real than the natural then wouldn't it make sense that if you were given the wisdom and heavenly knowledge to know how precisely how things are going to end there would also be evil forces who would know the same Ever think about thatGod doesn't work that way Instead I've learned to respect that the Lord shows us what we need to know about a given situation when we need to know it and typically only enough to make the next step forward After all to know too much about the definite future risks control freaks like me wanting to hurry up and speed to the conclusion while completely missing all the divine opportunities between point A and ZThere's a lot to get out of this book It's pretty hard hitting in issue dealing but that's reality It all simply makes me look forward to Mr Godawa's future books

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T that opens the door to a world of spiritual warfare they’re not ready to faceIt will lead them to the holy city of Jerusalem and to the true meaning of the apocalypseIt will change their world forever And yoursTyrant Rise of the Beastis Book in the shocking controversial seriesChronicles of the ApocalypseIt’s an edge of your seat action packed supernatural epic written by Brian Godawa respected Christian and best selling Biblical authorSpiritual Warfare Angels and DemonsThe human story is not the only one in the book of Revelation or in this seriesChronicles of th. “Tyrant Rise of the Beast is the first of a new series by Brian Godawa Having read some of Brian’s books in the past especially the Chronicles of the Nephilim I was not disappointedBrian is an excellent writer and this book is excellently written The research that has gone into this novel is impressive Brian in this book takes you through the Book of Revelation interpreting most of it as being fulfilled in the time of Nero the Jewish War and destruction of the Temple in the years 66 70 AD This is a view taken by scholars such as RC SproulAs with his previous novel however Brian shows us not just what is happening in the natural realm but also the supernatural realm and how the two are linkedBrian is not scared of touching modern issues through the medium of historical fiction He raises uestions around the Christians relationship with the state as well as sensitive issues around sexuality and genderI am left wanting

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Tyrant Rise of the Beast Chronicles of the ApocalypseE Apocalypseshows the evil plans of Satan and his fallen angels the Watchers masuerading as gods of the nations at war This gang of demons is not going down easilyEXTRA BONUS Historical and Biblical Facts Behind the FictionThe novel is over pages with an additional pages of endnotes You’ll get extensive research with each chapter that proves the historical fulfillment of the book of Revelation depicted in this novel The story draws from ancient Roman Christian and Jewish sources for the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in the first centur. Tyrant Rise of the Beast is the first of a new series by Brian Godawa It draws on ideas from his earlier novel series Chronicles of the Nephilim but you do not need to read those books to understand this one I haven’t – yet On one level this is a novel about first century Rome during the reign of Nero It shows some of the horrors of that period which means that it is not for the sueamish any than a history of that era would be It also challenges us to think about the ways in which our modern culture may be like Rome than we imagine On another level it is a supernatural thriller suggesting unseen powers at work behind the scenes This part of the story is essential but not obtrusive it does not diminish human action and responsibility On a third level the book expounds a particular view of the Bible’s teaching about the end times Don’t let that put you off it is possible to enjoy the story without fully embracing the author’s views But be prepared to have your assumptions challenged and your thinking stimulated One unusual feature of the book is that it is heavily documented You can ignore the footnotes and just read the novel as a story; but if you do want to investigate further there is plenty of information to help you to do so The frustrating thing about reading the first novel in a series as soon as it is published is that you have a long wait to find out what happens next I look forward to seeing how the story develops in future volumes