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READER µ DOC The Harrowing of Hell Ç DCMDIRECT ☆ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Harrowing of Hell By Evan Dahm ❤ – Deeply personal and full of profound ambiguity ― AV CLUB “Grapples with the revolutionary humility of Christ’s message” ― PUBLISHERS WEEKLY“Jesus of Nazarethart thou Hold in the popular imagination this story gives us a peaceable and contemplative Christ defiantly at odds with the ancient and modern desires of His flock A richly symbolic densely illustrated allegorical tale that echoes back to us from ancient times THE HARROWING OF HELL is a fascinating reinterpretation of one of the most important religious figures in history before He was the god of the wealthy and powerful before He was recast as the warrior worshipers preferred I've decided to do this review in two parts reviewing the story and the artwork separately First the story Whilst this is obviously an age old and familiar tale this time around it is represented with a new angle I won't include spoilers here but this is a thoughtful interpretation and one that leaves the reader with uestions to ponderI thought the words were appropriate for the overall feel of the book and added to the sense of desperation and angst that this book is centered on There is a darkness here that is psychological and existential the battle for righteousness and truth and Evan Dahm did an excellent job representing thatAs for the artwork the bold but limited colours the authorillustrator chose worked very well The images are striking and memorable without being overwrought with details I enjoyed seeing the words blend with the artwork to tell a story that would have been lacking in intensity if one or the other had not been present The art itself represents the illustrator's talent at variation and themeWhilst I generally enjoy all things to do with visual representations of religions this one stands out as being particularly creative and thought provoking I would definitely recommend this book to those who would like to see a slightly different version of Christ's passage through HellI was impressed with this book and hope to see works like this in the futureThis review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher provided through NetGalley All opinions are my own

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Deeply personal and full of profound ambiguity ― AV CLUB “Grapples with the revolutionary humility of Christ’s message” ― PUBLISHERS WEEKLY“Jesus of Nazarethart thou come to destroy us?” Over the thousands of years since Christ’s Crucifixion the original gospels detailing his life and death have been edited sanded down and molded into the tale millions of people know by heart today But what if that first fevered dreamlike writing about this moment of pro You know those long fraught instrumental numbers at the end of Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar? Evan Dahm's The Harrowing of Hell is the graphic novel version of what those tracks imply but can't show Christ's descent into hell and return to ressurectionChallenging and deeply thoughtful Distinctive look very appropriate to the emotional weight of the story

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The Harrowing of HellFound historical upheaval were to be resurrected itself brought back to life in a haunting fable for our modern age? In THE HARROWING OF HELL Evan Dahm draws upon a wide array of texts both ancient and modern religious and historical to create a brand new window into the life and death of Christ a vision of a dying man’s revolutionary drive and fervent belief in humanity’s salvation from all manner of jailers Discarding the heroic demon smiting Christ that has taken The art style and story are very evocative It’s a great look at a interesting piece of Christian mythology that has mostly only been inferred and never expanded upon Highly recommended and I look forward to from this creator and publisher