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A Passion For Israel Adventures of a Sar-El Volunteer Free download Ú 5 Ú ❰PDF❯ ✓ A Passion For Israel Adventures of a Sar-El Volunteer Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk What would motivate a successful corporate lawyer to trade in his comfortable life in America forSoldiers to filling sandbags and assembling tank antennas the volunteers work hard to make their contributions to the defense of Israel Passion For Israel PDF #205 The camaraderie that develops between volunteers and soldiers as they work side by side is their greatest reward The story of an enriching volunteer experience like no other A Passion for Israel provides a roadmap for others to show their support for the uniue Jewish sta. Like Mark’s first book Army Fatigues this book weaves seamlessly Mark’s stories of his experiences as a Sar El volunteer for the Israeli Defense Force with information about locations and events from Israel’s history in particular its most recent history Eual parts personal journal travelogue and history lesson with stories that are light hearted thoughtful sad and serious this book is both entertaining and educational It conveys clearly Mark’s heartfelt passion for Israel and in so doing becomes an invitation to others who share this passion to volunteer through Sar El as well I recommend reading both books but A Passion for Israel stands on its own

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For Israel Epub #226 What would motivate a successful corporate lawyer to trade in his comfortable life in America for three weeks every year to volunteer for manual labor on Israeli military bases Mark Werner son of a Holocaust survivor is an ardent Zionist seeking Passion For Israel Adventures of PDFEPUB or a personal way to show support for Israel Sar el is an organization that enables thousands of volunteers from all over the w. This is a kind of log or diary which relates the very special scenes of IsraelNow I found that I being a veteran Israeli that I recognise many of the places and charactersAt the same time here we have what is a rarity; descriptions and events and persons who are part and parcel of the very makeup of Israel As the Israel Defence Force is not only for defence but is a huge social mix of the variegated human mosaic which constitutes Israel todayAnd Mark makes a point of describing the different and often but not always laudable praiseworthy and devoted individuals with whom he is brought into contact Some are like he is amazing volunteers others are young Army draftees some are Lone Soldiers who are expressing their ideal of being part of the real Israel and come from many countries to volunteer I should mention too his interactions with his close family here and their observationsDo note that at each juncture as he and often his son Davidcome to Sar El he describes some ongoing events challenging the State of Israel of which there are manyAgain I personally found this to be a very emotive account And it's definitely for serious thinking persons whoneed to understand another view of Israel which avoids Tel Aviv Nightlife scenes kitschy Israel super dramas intifadas political setbacks religious strife 5 star hotels and wars Am Yisrael Chai

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A Passion For Israel Adventures of a Sar El VolunteerOrld to work in a civilian capacity on Israeli military bases freeing up IDF A Passion MOBI #181 soldiers forserious duties This book is based on journals the author kept during Sar el stints from to Werner describes working through a desert sandstorm dealing with a scorpion in his bunk taking refuge in a bomb shelter during a Palestinian missile attack andThrough simple activities from packing kitbags and medical supplies for the. This book is the authors account of his many many times of volunteering on IDF bases via the Sar El program He incorporates his time working on the bases with personal stories about visiting family in Israel some Israeli history along with insights into the IsraeliPalestinian conflict It's an easy enjoyable read and will hopefully serve as an invitation for others to support the IDF through the Sar El program I have volunteered with Sar El in Israel and look forward to going back soon