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Book È Casting the First Stone Í ↠ Join or create book clubs ↠ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Casting the First Stone By Join or create book clubs ➲ – Tanya Black had deeply believed in her husband's call to preach And when he asked her to marry him she'd felt blessed Omen who share their concerns with her has always been Roby's aim in each novel she has written CASTING THE FIRST STONE listens in on the heart of a woman torn between loving who her husband was and hating who he has become Roby weaves a fast paced story about faith's challenges in a world made up of material desires and other physical temptations Taken right from the headlines Roby's cautionary tale looks at the other side of church politics and the emotional toll it tak Excellent book could not put it down Easy to read Easy to identify with characters Ms Kimberla Lawson Roby is a great story teller will definitely be reading of her books

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Tanya Black had deeply believed in her husband's call to preach And when he asked her to marry him she'd felt blessed to be part of such a future Sitting in the second row of his Chicago church only a few years later she is unable to bear listening to his sermons or understand what happened to their shared dream Blackboard bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby takes on one of the most controversial issues in America corruption and temptation within church leadership An “Casting the First Stone” by Kimberla Lawson Roby is a masterful presentation of creative writing Ms Roby is very inventive and uses great imagination in portraying the characters and situations of her story In this novel she vividly described the fraught lives of a married couple who struggles to remain faithful to each other in their Christian walk Tanya who is presupposed to have achieved a degree of life success is married to Curtis a charismatic pastoral husband who is laden with some obvious spiritual weaknesses As their marriage suffered Tanya’s serene and beautiful love of life began to turn sour and her affection for the things she once admired began to grow cold And like a woman who was abducted for marriage falls in love with her abductor she learns of her husband’s infidelity and succumbs to the same weaknesses that plagued his life It is an interesting read

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Casting the First StoneElectrifying read CASTING THE FIRST STONE goes behind the scenes of a fictional Chicago church and its struggle to keep faith and commitment alive in the face of ambition This is the third novel of this author whose previous books have won her dedicated fans and a connection to readers coast to coast Her works bring to life Black women whose lives are complex with jobs children spouses and lovers in short the kind of lives her readers themselves live Giving voice to the w I believe the main reason this book was a page turner to me was because it hit too close to home with an extrememly similiar incident in a church I once belonged to Unfortunately it is also the main reason I no longer attend church too hypocriticalIn any case I did get a little tired of Tanya's prolonged excuses to do something about the situation and using her precious daughter as one excuse There were many instances where I thought she could have been doing some detective work on her own instead of sitting home on her butt wondering As for Curtis he finally gets what he deservesno mercy I'm waiting for Too Much of a Good Thing to be delivered I'd like to keep up with how this ends up