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READ & DOWNLOAD Rick Steves’ Snapshot Stockholm (Rick Steves Snapshot) õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ä ❮Reading❯ ➺ Rick Steves’ Snapshot Stockholm (Rick Steves Snapshot) ➲ Author Join or create book clubs – You can count on Rick SYou can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in StockholmIn this page compact guide Rick Steves covers the essentials of Stockholm including City Hall Old Town and the Vasa Museum which houses Europe's best preserved old warship Youll get Ricks firsthand advice on the best sights eating sleeping and nightlif. As Rick Steves recommends I read this book in full before the trip It really wasn't very helpful as some important information for planning was missing or flat out wrongFor us the transportation information was useless He suggests websites that just don't do what he says they do Perhaps he was lucky when he used them or maybe he just looked them up and threw them in the book We traveled from Copenhagen his snapshot Copenhagen is worse via the train You simply can not buy the train ticket online as he suggests Don't even bother Just go to the station early and buy the ticket you need It's a Swedish train and the prices are not released in advance in most cases in any cases to make online purchases for a future date possible This wasted much of our valuable time in Copenhagen when we could have been sitting on the street with a beer enjoying the interesting people instead of turning a few minutes on a computer screen to many agonizing and uninteresting minutesThat is just one exampleI recognize that a snapshot can not include everythingBut this one really doesn't cover enoughRick Steves does have good humor I will give him that But you need a little than the fair share of good humor to travel with himI'm also not going to recommend a digital guidebook It's handy if you are traveling to many places and want to save space in your bags But I am pretty good with digital books and finding what I need in them I have been trying digital guide books for several trips over the last few years and I think this one has put me over the edge Finding what you need is just easier in paper I'm done

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Travelers visiting a specific city or region rather than multiple European destinations These slim guides offer all of Ricks up to date advice on what sights are worth your time and money They include good value hotel and restaurant recommendations with no introductory information such as overall trip planning when to go and travel practicalities. The information is right on point good suggestions as usual for walks sights and bites to eat The only problem I have is the ability of Kindle to view the photos and drawings They cannot be enlarged as they can be on a touchscreen type of device And when I wanted to go back to a specific neighborhood it is much easier to go back to the correct page in a paper edition

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Rick Steves’ Snapshot Stockholm Rick Steves SnapshotE and the maps and self guided tours will ensure you make the most of your experience More than just reviews and directions Rick Steves’ MOBI #181 a Rick Steves Snapshot guide is a tour guide in your pocketRick Steves Snapshot guides consist of excerpted chapters from Rick Steves European country guidebooks Snapshot guides are a great choice for. You can't go wrong with Rick Steves We found a lot of great places off the tourist trail from this book