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review The Widower's Tale 103 ✓ [Read] ➪ The Widower's Tale By Join or create book clubs – Seventy year old Percy Darling is settling happily into retirement reading novels watching old movies and swimming naked in his pond But his routines are disrupted when he is persuaded to let a locall Seventy year old Percy Darling is settlSeventy year old Percy Darling is settling happily into retirement reading novels watching old movies and swimming naked in his pond But his routines are disrupted when he is persuaded to let a locally beloved prescho. I remember attending a reading at Wordsworth Bookstore a onetime beloved icon of Harvard Suare and the author of the book the author's name escapes me was asked how she selected the books she read Her answer was pretty straightforward and probably applies to all of us She read the book jacket and determined if she wanted to spend an hour or two each night with the characters If she didn't she wouldn't read the book Her words came back to me as I read Julia Glass' THE WIDOWER'S TALE because the desire to spend time with the characters is the best reason to read this bookThe main character is Percy Darling a retired librarian who spent most of his career at Harvard University His personality is heartwarming but is mixed with eual parts of curmudgeon snob intellectual and aloofness but he's able to keep all these traits in check by not taking himself too seriously His observations can be acerbic at times but always humorous In the novel there is a swirl of events in his life a life that for many years has been rather routine Changes begin when rents his vacant barn to a nursery school which brings all kinds of people to his property and subseuently into his life He's navigating somewhat challenging relationships with his two grown daughters he finds love after many years of being widowed and there are some surprising changes in the life of his beloved grandson Robert Glass is able to get inside of Percy's head and readers feel a deep connection with himGlass alternates between first person and third person narrative in the novel When we hear from Percy's point of view it is always first person In the third person chapters we hear the story told from the perspective of the grandson Robert Ira a teacher t the nursery school and Celestino a landscaper who works for a company hired by Percy and his neighborsThe third person narratives shed light on Percy and his background so they are not out of place but at times they do drag a bit Glass also knows her geography While the major towns in the novel are fictitious her descriptions of Cambridge and the surrounding areas are very accurate She accurately depicts the personalities of the people who populate this areaSo if I take the advice of the author whose name escapes me but suggested selecting a book based on time spent with characters does THE WIDOWER'S TALE meet the criteria Yes Readers will enjoy spending time Percy his family and friends In some cases felt I knew the people and other readers probably will too As a matter of fact I was in Harvard Suare not too long ago steps away from the famous Widener library where Percy spent his career hoping I'd meet him knowing I wouldn't but certain there'd be a Percy or two in the vicinity

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Ol take over his barn As Percy sees his rural refuge overrun by children parents and teachers he must reexamine the solitary life he has made in the three decades since the sudden death of his wife With eual parts aff. I absolutely adored this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a really good novel Percy Darling is retired and lives in a large historical house with a barn which he allows to be used by Elves and Fairies kindergarten Through this he meets many people who become interactive with his own family Julia Glass is fantastic at introducing new characters and weaving them into the story whilst giving their histories at the same time Percy is a lovely gentleman with old fashioned ideals and manners but who is not adverse to being dragged up to date by his grandson I listened to the book on audio cd and must congratulate Mark Bramhall for his very very excellent reading He added in no small way to my enjoyment of the book his voice being exactly how I imagined Percy to sound Buy the book or the audio book and be prepared for many hours of pleasure Then go on and read of Julia Glass I dread the day when I have read all her books

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The Widower's TaleEction and humor Julia Glass spins a The Widower's PDFEPUBcaptivating tale about a man who can no longer remain aloof from his community his two grown daughters orto his great shockthe precarious joy of falling in lov. good story so far