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Drunkards Walk How Randomness How Rand. I hated math in school It was not the difficulty that repulse but its utter lack of relevance to me Beyond simple algebra and geometry I did not find working with numbers to be that useful Things began to change when I took a statistics class in college numbers not only began to make sense they became practicalSince college I have gained a whole new appreciation for what math can tell us about what the world is and where the world is going both literally and figuratively My latest interest in numbers has been in probability It is amazing how simple probables can be so confusing yet seemingly complicated probables can be so simpleThe Drunkard’s Walk is a good introduction to the world of probability For example I have read and learned about the Monty Hall problem for nearly a decade I have seen it online and in numerous books however this is the first book that has helped me understand it fullyThe day I finished this book I felt like the smartest man alive like I could go to Las Vegas and sweep the house However the next day I already felt too dumb to understand everything Probability is simple yet our brains are not naturally wired to act on numbersI really enjoyed this book

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Drunkards Walk How Randomness Rules Our LivesOmness PDFEPUB #189 Rules Our Lives by. I am all in favour of popular science books I have earned my living as a mathematician for most of my life but I appreciate a broad view and am not sniffy about being talked down to if necessary I was disappointed in this book There is some interesting stuff in there but there are far too many anecdotes many of them adding very little insight and the attempts to liven it up with humour left me cold This is not a very short volume and it deals with some fairly basic principles albeit repeated in different ways again and again it just about reaches the ideas of standard deviation and variance by the endIf this book has helped a lot of readers then I am all for it but to me it seems to cover too little ground in too longwinded a manner I would hesitate to book Dr Mlodinow as an after dinner speaker

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Drunkards Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives Read & download õ 8 ¶ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Drunkards Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk Drunkards Walk How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow Bantam Doubleday Dell2008 Drunkards Walk HLeonard Mlodinow Bantam Doubleday Del. I have seen the odd review or two which criticise Mlodinow for his lack of mathematical maturity As a previous reviewer has pointed out there is an obvious trade off between maintaining rigor and providing a book which is easily accessible The latter approach characterises the essence of this book it is a book for the average reader who does not have much or any prior knowledge of the topics discussedIf anything this book is a history of randomness designed to whet your appetite Mlodinow does a good job of illustrating the very counter intuitive nature of probability and why we aren't hardwired to understand itFrom the stock market to Hollywood we habitually underestimate the effects of randomnessIf you want to see the mathematics behind stochastic processes look elsewhereIf you would like a non technical introduction to the concept of randomness look no further