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On the coast of Maine at the wedding of her best friend Ann Grant fell in love She was twenty five Forty years later after three marriages and five children Ann Lord finds herself in the dim claustrophobia of illness careening between lucidity and delirium and only vaguely conscious of the friends and family parading by her bedside when the memory of that weekend returns to her with the clarity and intensity of a fever dream Evening unfolds in the rushlight of that memory as Ann relives those three vivid days on the New En. 65 year old Ann is dying of cancer and in flashbacks is reliving her life As she struggles the memories flash pain sadness heart achedissatisfaction her family husbands friends all remembered Foremost that weekend she met and fell in love with someone she could not have A lot of sadness and waste in this story disappointmentbut it had its moments Wasn't something I normally read had to go back and finish it after a couple weeks It was well written so 4 stars but I really couldn't like many of the characters

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Evening Vintage ContemporariesGland coast with motorboats buzzing and bands playing in the night and the devastating tragedy that followed a spectacular wedding Here in the surge of hope and possibility that coursed through her at twenty five in a singular time of complete surrender Ann discovers the highest point of her life Superbly written and miraculously uplifting Evening is a stirring exploration of time and memory of loves transcendence and of its failure to transcend a rich testament to the depths of grief and passion and a stunning achievement. Read Evening a long time ago and just bought this copy for a friend Amazing tale of friendship and mother daughter relationships but the beauty is in how Minot captures memories just the way they come to us in wisps of colors images scents

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DOWNLOAD Evening (Vintage Contemporaries) 107 · ❴Epub❵ ➟ Evening (Vintage Contemporaries) Author Join or create book clubs – With two novels and one short story collection published to overwhelming critical acclaim Monkeys takes your breath away said Anne Tyler; heartbreaking exhilarating raved the New With two novels and one short story collection published to overwhelming critical acclaim Monkeys takes your breath away said Anne Tyler heartbreaking exhilarating raved the New York Times Book Review Susan Minot has emerged as one of the most gifted writers in America praised for her ability to strike at powerful emotional truths in language that is sensual and commanding mesmerizing in its vitality and intelligence Now with Evening she gives us her most ambitious novel a work of surpassing beauty During a summer weekend. This is a story about living and dying It is about a woman’s last days It is a love storyAnn Lord has been diagnosed with cancer and is slowly dying She remembers her life a long life Most of what she remembers is in bits and fragments As she gets closer to the end and they start giving her morphine the fragments become even fragmented and mixed up She has been married three times divorced once and widowed twice She has had five children including a set of twins One of the twins has diedBut the one part of her life she remembers in vivid detail here at the end is a long weekend when she went to her best friend’s wedding During the festivities accompanying this wedding she met a man a doctor who was a friend of the groom She fell utterly and completely in love with this man and they had several romantic encounters – even one after his fiancée arrived from Chicago He gave her the impression he was going to dump the fiancée for her but it turned out the fiancée was pregnant so of course that never happenedAnn had met the bride of the wedding years before while skating Over the years the bride’s parents took her in almost like part of the family Afterward as she grew older she remained close to the bride and the other friends of the family – they keep recurring even in her memories of her later life The only person she seems not to have seen in later life is the man she fell in love withThe romance portion of the story is related in vivid detail in chronological order The entire subseuent forty years ofAnn’s life is told in a sort of stream of consciousness drug induced dream state that is a little